Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Be Still My Soul. Week 3 in the MTC

Well Hello,

This week was a great week. Nothing specific made it great. Just overall progress and excitement to leave. I am exactly half way through my stay here at the MTC. So yesterday we had 3 lessons, 2 with members and 1 with our "investigator". And I basically had to teach all three by myself because Elder Morris had to be with another Elder in our district who had a doctors appointment. So it was just me and Phillips teaching. And the only thing Phillips contributed was the closing prayers. It was pretty rough. I was so nervous going into them cause its hard enough teaching in English by yourself let alone in Spanish. But afterwards I felt like it was good for me to do that and I grew from it. So this morning we all got to go to the temple for the first time since being here. Its been closed for the past 2 weeks. So we arrived at the Provo Temple this morning at 8:30, ate breakfast there in there cafeteria and then did their 9:20 session. It was nice going there cause I could just sit there for 2 hours and pretty much do nothing haha. We are doing something from 7am-10pm all day. No breaks except to eat. It gets pretty tiring. I definitely dont have trouble sleeping at night. but an Elder in our district has only been getting ike 2-3 hours a sleep a night. He was the one that was at the doctors with Morris. He is kinda having a rough time cause his mom also broke her back last week and had to get emergency surgery. He has got to call home twice already. Kinda jealous but kinda not because I dont want to have a reason to call home haha. So excited for Macquel and Rick. Thatll be awesome. Definitely will be a totally different experience than Asher... he set the bar too high I say haha. 

Moms Questions: 

-I will wear my black suit when I get my grey one dry cleaned but before I leave im going to send it back cause I dont need it as well as some long sleeves. I have like 5 long sleeve shirts and I only need like 3. I havent even wore a short sleeve yet. I will probably get the 5 CTR shirts I got in the mail and have them driy cleaned cause they are in their packaging. 

-But I havent opened the black suit case yet.

-I have seen Janae twice and talked very briefly and havent talked to Clint yet. I will have to send him an email. 
-I do my laundry while I write these emails(Ill send a picture).

-A couple things I want is pictures of you guys. Elder morris has a really cool tie where it has a picture of his family on this inside(Ill send a picture) I kinda want one of those. The website for that is
any snacks is always appreciated haha

-Language is coming slowly. But im not overly worried about it. I just cant wait to be surrounded by it in Argentina. 

Last night we had a devotional and I sang in the choir and we sang "Be Still My Soul". It was such a powerful devotional. The speaker was another Emeritus Seventy and my favorite part of his talk was when he said, "It is through trials, troubles, and messing up that we come to KNOW God and build a relationship with him." I mean obviously we need to pray but I think its difficult for most people in the world and even in our church to recognize trials as blessings and opportunities to build our faith and come unto Christ. Its all about perspective. In the moment it sucks and no one will every be like, "Oh yes a trail." The growth and blessings come as we overcome sin and trials and only after the fact to we see the benefits. Apparently the General Authorities get the month of July to themselves to be with their families, so looks like I wont see one here before I leave. More Emeritus ones but those are fine I guess;) Next week the choir is going to sing with the Nashville Tribute Band that Gma went a saw. It will be apart of one of the devotionals I guess.

Well thatll be it from me this week. Hope everyone is doing fine. Love you all

-Elder Corbin Keicher