Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Comp. New Chapter.

Hello Fam!

Well transfered happened and I am still in Fontana, Chaco(province) but Elder Butler left to a different province. And my new companion is Elder Gallegos(ga-sh-a-gos) and he is from Buenos Aires! He has been in the mission for almost 6 months. He entered the Buenos Aires MTC in the middle of April. So we are kinda new missionaries here in Fontana. He is 18 years old. He is super cool and SUPER nice. I think we will get along just fine. It has been only 1 day with him and I have already learned a lot. I really hope this will just push me and accelerate the learning for me. But... we will see. I am having to lead the work here since I am the only one that knows the area and it is crazy how much I just followed Butler around. But this will be a good experience for me to grow as a missionary and as a spanish speaker. It seems like forever ago that I wrote you guys. It has felt like a long week just waiting for transfers and stuff but, bueno! I was just a little sick last week for 36 hours. I woke up i think last Tuesday feeling a little something in my tonssils and a little tired and as the day went on I got worse. But that night I took a hot shower and by the next day I was completely fine. And I am normal now. I did take some nyquil so I was glad I had that. And last week we had a lesson with an old guy names Miguel. He is 70 but is SO knowledgable of the Book of Mormon. In fact, he invited us into his house and we went in and there was something playing in the house. It was like a audio book of somesort. Then all of the sudden, the voice recording said, "Chapter 7 of Alma..." and it continued. He was listening to the freaking book of mormon before we had even talked to him. So we talked to him more and he knew the book of mormon better than Elder Butler and I. At least the stories. But then we started talking about the Restoration and he had no idea what we were talking about. He has no knowledge of what happened before josheph smith got the plates or anything outside the story. So I am going to put D^C and JS-History on a flash drive for him so he can listen. 
There is a picture attatched of dog with a messed up eye. Sunday evening we stopped by a kids house to say hi to him and his parents and also so Butler could say bye to them. They give us Lunchs regularly too. Anyway we were just sitting there and they have like 8 dogs and they are all large black dogs. The one in the picture came up to me and he was facing me at an angle where I couldnt see his messed up eye. I started petting it and then he turned to face me and I saw his eye for the first time. I almost jumped out of my seat and I yelped a little bit cause I thought it was an alien of somesort. It scared me SO bad and Elder Butler and the kid couldnt stop laughing at me. It was funny. And also what was funny was we were at a lunch with Eva(facebook lady) and just talking about the United States and stuff. And Eva just started bagging on America so hard because we celebrate Halloween. She was saying like, "how can someone like yourselves, being religious, celebrate a holiday like that. It is so devilish". haha and I was like.. well its not like that, its more for kids and to dress up and stuff like that. But she didnt really get it haha. I just thought that was funny. And she also has a strong belief in Vampires too. She keep on saying something like," Oh there are a ton of Vampires in the world, especually in the United States". haha just random stuff like that. but anyway...

Most of the zone got split up. I still have Elder regan my Zone leader and a couple others that stayed but there were a lot of changes. Elder Trumbo gave me a Family tree tie which is a tie that is passed down from a trainer to the newbee. And since Trumbo never got to train in his mission he gave the tie to me. He is still here with his parents but he is done with his mish. 

That is cool to hear about Josh and of his succes in Rugby. He was like the life of the Utah State team last year. And its awesome to hear about all the stuff that is going down with you all. The Patio looks sweet. But I think I will go for now. That was pretty much what happened this week. If you guys have questions on anything let me know cause I dont really know what you want to hear. haha. Anyway, until next week... Chao!

E' Corbin Keicher