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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Progress in Reconquista 11/13/2017

Well how is everyone? 

Well we had a great 1st week to the transfer this past week. The most successful since arriving here in Reconquista. I am excited to work with Elder Oliva(my new comp) from Cordaba because he is a hard worker. Super focused, and because of this, we were able to really see some progress this week. Alejandra and Carlos(50years old) are a couple that we have been visiting with, where Alejandra is an inactive member and Carlos is her unofficial spouse of 4 years. Well we had 2 really solid lessons this week with them. We got put into contact with them about a month ago because they were going through a really tough time economically. This week on Tuesday they told us in our lesson that things were starting to improve, but when we returned Thursday, they were super frustrated and worried and overwhelmed because they were just spent physically and mentally with all the economic worries and problems. Well, Thursdays lesson was super spiritual and in the end Carlos offered his first prayer outloud. At the end they both were in tears and the spirit was felt so strong. Well the next day(friday) Carlos got offered a full time job with a construction company and they both came to church Sunday, Carlos for the first time and Alejandra for the first time in 25 years. They stayed for all three hours and were also able to meet with the branch president(pres Borda). 

Also Sunday, we had Luciana and Eugenio attend church. That is another cool story. We just started teaching them 10 days ago.  Friday we did some service in their house where we hauled dirt in wheelbarrows into the back yard. They don't have a phone but we invited them to go to church then on Friday. Well, fast forward to Sunday, we were getting ready for church and at 8:25am there was a knock at the door. I thought it was Brother Patroli(Sunday school teacher) because he sometimes stops by Sunday mornings to grab our church key to open the church. But I opened the door and it was Luciana and Eugenio on their moto. It was the first time in my mission that an investigator came to our house to pick US up for church haha. So we had those 4 people in church Sunday and we are excited to continue teaching them this week. We still have to figure out if they are married to other people and see what word of wisdom problems they have before we can think about putting a baptismal date with them. So we are there with our investigators.

Doing service for Luciana and Eugenio

Nothing to exciting happened this week. I attached a picture of what looks like the sky, but if you look closely you will see a bunch of black dots. Well those black dots are spiders, we were walking and we came across a massive spider web with a bunch of evil spiders. Kinda nasty.  
The spider web
A spider

The branch here is also going to head over to Puerto this next monday for a fishing activity. We are 15 minutes from the paranà river which is a pretty large river that seperates the provencies Santa Fe and Corrientes. So I am looking forward to that. Then here in 2 weeks, Lucas( recent convert) is going to take us to the air force base.... it will be SUPER sweet to get into and see an Argentina military base. Let Trump know that if he needs any details on Argentina military strategies, he can let me know. But thats it from me. I hope you enjoy your week and remember to study the scriptures, say your prayers, and live after the manner of happiness. Love ya!! 

Elder Corbin Keicher

A pic from today, cool big painting in centro
Our district

Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Transfer 11/7/2017

Well we got pictures this week! yay! 

And we had transfers! Elder Souza left for Formosa and Elder Oliva came from Formosa to be my new companion. He is from Cordoba Argentina and finishes his mission in 2 transfers(Jan 29). Elder Mayta is an Elder that was in our zone who got sent to Ibarreta!! I got him pretty excited to go there where i spent 8 months before coming here. I gave him some letters to give to members and the cano family. So that was neat. 

Me and Elder Oliva

 This week we were able to have divisions with Avellanda, Elder Giforos and Elder Ashby. Its a unique situation with them because They are from the same MTC group and after their first 10 weeks here they got put together as companions. They are doing great though and are working hard. In their area, there is a large sunflower field, so we took a 5 minute detour to take pictures. I am just use to potato fields or corn fields or wheat fields... but seeing a sunflower field was interesting. 

While I was there I had the privilege to interview their investigator Angelica for her baptism that took place this past Saturday. To introduce Angelica, she is a woman who honestly has had the short end of the stick her entire life and has gone through just awful things. She is 45 years old, lives with her family and recently had her mom pass away. But like I said, it was a privilege to interview her and see the faith she has for a better world despite the things she has gone through(addictions, abusive husband, death of a child,etc). It strengthened my testimony on the atonement of Jesus Christ to know that it does not matter where we have been, what we have done, or who we are... if we leave the world behind us, and follow the commandments of God, we can find true happiness in our lives. 

We also were able to have an open house in our church Saturday. It was honestly super fun. A lot of members came and a few non-members. In a church open house, the sister missionaries give tours of the church, starting with a presentation of Jesus the Christ, and then to a presentation of the basic believes of Latter-Day Saints(BoM, Prophets, Apostasy, PoS, etc.) Then they lead the group to the baptismal font, where Elders present Baptism and the gift of the holy ghost, then they pass for the different organizations of the church that are presented by the members. Everything ran smoothly, except for a couple members who gave 20 minute presentations at the primary and seminary stations. 

Open House "reference table"

Tour in action

Open House baptism presentation

Setting up the open house

The branch at the open house.

 We have an investigators named Luciana that has a baptismal date for the 25th of November,. She was a reference from a member and so we are working hard with them. It was funny, we were talking about how to receive an answer to our prayers and luciana responded, ¨I know that I have received an answer from God when he gives me a property with cows and other animals.¨ haha but she has a lot of desires gain a relationship with her heavenly father so we are working with her on that. We also have been working with the Ponce family who are baptized members. They got baptized together a little over a year ago and now only the dad(julio ponce) and a couple of their kids are active. His wife has gone crazy and denied everything about the church ever since one of their older daughters gave her some anti-mormon materiel and now wants nothing to do with the church. It has been rough on her husband Julio because he is super strong, in fact is going to be called as the elders quorum president in a couple of weeks. We have FHEs with them usually every week to keep them animated and to support Julio.
Painting in the Ponce family's house

It was a good week, and I am excited to work with Elder Oliva. I hope you all have a  great week. 

Elder Keicher

Our Zone with Pres Patania 2 weeks ago

Sister Douglas and I representing Parker, CO in ARG

Me, My "son" and My "grandson"
Eating a CHICKen nugget 

cool flower, eh?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Visit from Elder Packer 10/30/2017

This week was pretty normal! Nothing to much to update you on and I forgot my camera today... so this wont be the email you were expecting. But we had a great meeting with Elder Packer from the seventy and his wife. They talked a lot about the difference between conversion and testimony. Then talked about how missionaries can have the spirit with them. Sister packer highlighted some points that draw the spirit away from us as missionaries. Things like, unclean/messy apartments and contention between companionships draws the spirit away from us and makes it difficult to be effective as missionaries. There was a point in the training when Elder Packer was listening to an elder respond to his companion, and after the elder finished, elder packer asked what his companion thought, and thats when Elder packer found out that his companion was sitting in a different row. He then asked him and all the other missionaries to get up and sit next to their companions. And that is when every single missionary, except for me, elder souza and a couple other companionships, got up and had to rearrange themselves so that they were sitting next to their companion. It was kinda embarrassing and interesting because sister packer had just got done talking about having unity between companions. But overall it was super fun and productive. I got to meet Sister Bethany Douglas from Parker, we got to talk for a bit and we took a photo(that I´ll send next week). If was weird talking to someone from Parker in Argentina... but she was cool and she had gone to a year at USU too. I also got to catch-up with Elder Taylor(an elder I trained) with his missionary he is training right now. And I finally got to see Elder Hannah, who was in my MTC district, but I hadnt seen him since we landed in Argentina back on August 2nd, 2016. A full 16 months had passed without seeing each other. 

This past Saturday we had an Open House in the church where we opened the church for 3-4 hours in the afternoon and we set up tours of the building with members at stands explaining the different organizations of the church. It was super nice and there were 8 non-members that showed up and we received varies references. We have another one this Saturday for the other church in Reconquista. 

This next week, we have 3 baptisms planned in the Zone(none in our area), and we have transfers Sunday! So next week I will be writing on Tuesday. But that was my week! I will talk to you all next week! Chau

E´Corbin Keicher

Monday, October 23, 2017

First Dog Bite! 10/23/17

Hey fam! 

I will warn you before you get to the bottom of the email that there is a picture of the wart that is on my foot. A guy in Provo took it off while I was in the MTC but he said there was a 50/50 chance of it coming back... well its been coming back for the past 16 month now. So Enjoy! I also got bit by a dog this week!!! We were walking back to the apartment, and here, ever corner you turn there are dogs. I dont even notice them anymore because they are so common. But we passed by one and it got up right as we passed it and it started barking, as what commonly happens. But this dog was a little daring and it got its Jaw around my calf. But luckly I got my leg out of there before he bit down. But he tore a huge hole in my pants... I took a nice picture of that. I am glad it didnt bite me because then I would have had to go to the hosptal to get tested for the many diseases that dogs here have. 
The hole the evil dog made

This week was a lot of fun. We had a dream come true... a miracle we´ll say. We have been needing new people to teach here, and last tuesday afternoon, we recieved a call from a mas o menos active family(familia Parera) who we have been working with, telling us that at 6 they were going to pick us up at the church and take us to their cousins house so that we could help them. The cousin is named Alejandra and her ¨partner¨of 4 years Carlos. They are like 56ish years old and they expressed the difficulties they are going through right now. Basically all economical problems. Alejandra turned to us when we got there and said, ¨Can I ask you guys any question?¨. We said of course,  and then she posed the question, ¨How come it seems like God talks to and helps everyone else but me?¨. I was taken back by the question because we were still getting to know each other. But we ended up having a great lesson with her and Carlos about the ways we can recieve answers from our heavenly father. It was super awesome and then thursday we returned and had another lesson. They said they were going to come to church yesturday but it was election day yesturday and I think that might have been a factor. But the work is still pretty difficult and slow.... I am not sure why, I am still trying to understand this area and the people and trying to figure out our ¨problem¨. 
The house of Alejandro and Carlos

I am super excited for this week, we get to meet and listen to the oldest son of President Packer, who is a member of the Seventy. That is Thursday but we leave wednesday eveing. It will be neat to hear from him and shake his hand. Yesturday was a missionary work themed sacrement meeting and so I got called on to talk along with sister fuentes from bolivia, and andres, a future missionary in the branch. I talked on how to help converts stay active and strong in the church. I focused on the famous talk by Pres Hinckley where he said, Every new converet needs 3 things, 1) a Friend to be along their side to help them and answer questions at any moment 2) a calling 3) to be nurterd by the good word of God(moroni 6:4-8) It was fun to talk... it was my first time since may. 

But I hope you all have a great week! I love ya! 

E´ Corbin keicher 
Us Missionaries after church

Saw this guy with his parachute and fan on our way to branch choir

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sunset in Argentina 10/16/17

P-day number 70 here in Argentina, 
Time is passing fast... it feels really weird to say that. That leaves me 30 more p-days. 

This week was a lot of fun. Today is a holiday in Argentina, i think it is ¨Race Day¨ not too sure... so we are spending the day with all the members here in the church. They made ¨rice stew¨ and we played ¨Heads Up¨ the phone application game. And now they are getting ready to play soccer, so I am writing right now. 
helping make rice stew
The room I write in with the missionary’s that are in this branch with me

The YSA Drama continues. With all the immaturity and the contention that is going on, the branch president had to do something. So he split the YSA here in Reconquista into 2 groups. So the 1st Branch and the 2nd branch are now in charge of their own YSA groups and activities. We will see what happens with that. 

Last night we were able to have a Family home evening with the 1st counciler’s family and a family that has been investigating for about 5 months now, Mercedes and Fabian Duarte. They are ready to be baptized.... but need to get married(like always). But they have been passing through a hard time economically and even spent a whole week without Gas because they couldnt afford gas for their kitchen. But recently, Fabian has been working with the ¨Friar factory¨ which is a factory for meat.... they usually process on average 900 cows a day, and is where the 1st councilor works. For the FHE, I shared the conversion story of dad, that he sent me in my first transfer in argentina, and focused on the blessings that came with his decision to get baptized. It was an edifying FHE and mercedes and fabian are here today for the activity. Hopefully we can set  some goals with them to get married and baptised this week. We also had a lesson with Jolanda, who is the inactive member that lost her 18 month year old 8 weeks ago. We had a lesson with her on Saturday. She had told her kids that she was sick so that they would go outside and play, but when we stopped by, she told us that she says that when she is depressed and she doesnt want her kids seeing her cry. We talked about many things, but it really is a sad situation. It is very difficult for her to accept her reality and move on. We read some photocopies from the teachings of the prophet joseph smith that talked about little kids who pass away and talked about how she can overcome her depression and sadness. But it honestly depends on her. We talked about setting goals so that she isnt by herself, and idle. So we are still visiting her and helping her out. 
 FHE with the 1st councilor and familia duarte

John was behaving bad, so i played with him whilee my comp taught(it was necessary)

Last week, I BOUGHT A WAFFLE IRON!! It was a miracle that we got it approved because it cost 700 pesos, but the elder in the office approved it. So now we have a waffle iron in the zone. We use it for district meetings and correlation meetings. 

But that was my week. Have a great week!! Love! 

E´Corbin Keicher

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 Hey Fam! 

We had our P-day changed. Yesturday we had to travel to Resistencia to have interviews with President Patania. Usually we have do interviews with Multi-Zone conferences but this transfer is different because Elder Packer of the seventy is coming to the mission on the 26th. So it is a little different . But the trip was super fun! We left reconquista at 12pm and got back to reconquista at midnight.... a little tiring. I got to talk to pres. about the work in our area... it is really stagnant and not progressing. I have 8 weeks here in recon and we havent had a single investigator  Needless to say I have been a little dissapointed and frustrated in our productivity. So hopefully we can make some changes soon.

But this past week was fun. We were finally able to get out and find 4 new investigators and put some new faces in our daily routine. There is honestly a lot of potential right now with a couple of families we have found. But to continue with the YSA Drama for this week, Lucas Vergara received his first church calling. As a member of 7 weeks, he is now the new Branch Sercretary. AND, he dropped the bomb that he wants to serve a mission!! Woah!! So here in 11 months, Elder Lucas Vergara moyses will be entering the MTC! A little ironic though because Carla (his girlfriend) is filling her papers for the mission. So i think there was an influence there. And onto the more pressing DRAMA, one of the YSA members(pricila, from the 2nd branch) is accusing another member(cesar, from the 1st branch) of being gay.... this and other accusations has caused the branch president to pull us missionaries aside to try and help of some of these members(Pricilia and her family) to not judge like they do. And honestly, even though Cesar does have to vocal tones that would cause one person to think that, I really think he isnt like that. And plus, Cesar attends church every sunday and pricila.... sometimes... so who is really winning? But we passed by the family of pricila and shared a couple thoughts that had a hidden message that they shouldnt judge others and should focus on the things they need to improve on. After our spiritual thought, the father of the family declared, ¨wow... gracias elderes, me llegó lo que nos compartió¨ or in translation, he understands now that judgeing others because they sin differently than he does is NOT okay. so that was the drama of this week. 

But yeah that was the week for me!! Productive in some ways, in others way no... but we continue fighting. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

E´Corbin Keicher

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Conference Weekend 10/2/2017

Well hello! 

It seems like I write the same boring stuff every week haha so I hope you enjoy it!    This week was a busy week due to leadership council in Resistencia and general conference. The leadership conference was super nice and fun. President Patania is super energetic. He kind of focused on us as leaders and talked about how we are the ones that set the tone for the mission. And basically trained us to be better leaders and to ¨Create a good environment¨ so that the missionary work can grow. With Transfers, we got a new Sister training leader in our zone, sister Espinosa from mexico city. So it was Elder Souza and I and the sister training leaders traveling to and from the council. It is a 3 hour bus ride to get to resi from here. Also on wednesday while we were traveling, an Elder returned home to Reconquista, Elder Bustos who served 2 years in the Argentina Mendoza mission. On Friday we had a homecoming party for him in the church with the whole ward. It was super fun and nice. All the YSA people came and his mom was super happy. He will now be our Ward mission leader here. And he has a couple siblings who are not baptized. So maybe he can help us with that.

Speaking of YSA DRAMA this week. Well it is official, Lucas and Carla are dating... and the YSA of Reconquista does not like it! which I dont know why. But according to what they are saying, No one was too fond of Carla because she often went to ¨Boliches¨ or clubs where there is alcohol, loud music, and... not the spirit. But they mainly dont like it because the are ¨exclusive¨. When they get together as YSA lucas and Carla are pared off in the kitchen cooking or something like that and they want them to be more inclusive... but yeah.... I am just an uninformed missionary who knows very little details concerning the matter. So lets move onto Conference!! 

I loved conference!! Elder Giforos and I got to watch it in english... and poor Sister Howe(who has 6 weeks in Arg) had to watch all of it in Spanish because she couldnt be in the ¨Gringo¨ room by herself with us. Elder Giforos and I offered to let her watch... but that would mean that her comp would have to be with her. So when we asked her 37 year old brazilian comp she said, ¨no, I dont know english¨. 
But I think my favorite talked were Elder Nelsons(Read the BoM), Elder Uctdorfs(darkness & Light), Elder Hollands(Be therefore Perfect, and then Elder Andersen’s(recap of Gen Con.).
Here are my favorite Quotes: 

¨I promise you that as you read the BoM everyday, it will serve as a protection against Pornography and other mind-numbing addictions¨ -Nelson
¨Our only hope for perfection is to receive it as a gift, not by earning it¨ -Holland 
¨Because you are not of this world, the world hateth you¨ -Oaks 

I love you all. I am glad the Utah State beat Byu... I cant believe that BYU is having such a horrible year. Crazy for me! I hope you all have a great week! 

E´ Corbin Keicher

Elder souza, sisters fernadez and Espinoza, and I waiting in the bus terminal    

   Me with Elder Masello at leadership council

Foto with ex-elder Bustos at his Homecoming party  
Me with elder Bustos

Me with the CAKE   
- Selfie with the YSA at the homecoming of Elder Bustos(carla is not there)     

Visiting Sister Margarita, she is a less active who has a lot of health problems. 


We bought food from this guy, willie, inbetween the 2nd session and priesthood    

Us with Cesar, he watched 2 sessions in english becasue he is fluent! 

Use with Cesar, he watched 2 sessions in english becasue he is fluent! 

All the members drinking mate inbetween sessions    

us gringos watching conference!! WOHO!     

Us with the Ponze family!!