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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Avocado Shake 9/10/17

Hey Fam!

Well time flew by this week. But it was a productive one. This is the
start of week 5 of the 6 week transfer and it is going to be an
exciting one. Tonight we have a FHE with a family that is reactivating
in the church. Tuesday and wednesday will be normal days and then
Thursdasy we have a multizone conference in Resistencia. Well be
taking a shuttle as a zone to resistencia earlyin the morning and then
after the conference we will stop by the only Wal Mart in the mission
to do some shopping.
Our District pic

But this last week we contacted in a young family of 5, the Moreira
family. 4 of them were home when we contacted them in the last
morning. The young mom and her 3 kids of 13, 9, and 5 years of age let
us in and we shared a quick message with them and left them with the
book of mormon and a time to come back this tuesdayFriday, we had a
post-baptism lesson with Lucas(23yr old) and we made a video eatting
argentine sweets. I`ll try and load thatup. but while we were there,
my brazilian companion made a Avocado shake.......... it consisted of
avocado, sugar, and milk.... it was awful. I dont know if logan had to
suffer through 2 years of avocado shakes cause i couldnt even finish
the glass i was served. Lucas was undecided about it... but lucas and
I agreed that the shake smelled like cold wet socks. It hasnt really
heated up yet, it rains a couple of times a week, but i know the
coming summer is inevitable. All the people here keep talking about
the huricans that hit texas and the earthquake in Mexico.... sounds
like it was pretty destructive.

Sunday was really cool. President Patania was in reconquista getting
to know the local district leaders and doing temple recommend
interviews for the members and so he was in our branch. His wife a 14
year old son, daniel, were with him. But I really enjoyed the talk
that Pte Patania gave. He talked about ¨coming unto christ¨. A line he
said really struck a chord with me, he said, ¨Too many latter-day
saints are active members IN church, but completely inactive members
OF the church¨. He basically made the point that many saints dont
remain active after the church doors close behind them. They go back
to their houses and during the week, they dont utter a single prayer,
read a single verse of scripture, or think about their savior only
until the enter church again the following sunday. I really loved
that. As members we need to be active members of the church, not just
in church buildings and church sponsered events, but rather in our
homes, during the week, and even when we are on vacations.
But I loveyou all. That is it from me this week in Argentina. I hope
you all have a great week.


E´ Corbin Keicher

I forgot to mention that we went to the las colonias alfajor factor and took a tour. SUPER cool. 
on the tour

eating sweets with Lucas

knock off version of "UNO" called "screw-you"

Monday, September 4, 2017

EXTRA broke my fast 9/4/2017

Hello fam, 

The nicest, most American-like street in the entire mission
This week passed pretty quickly for me. We did our very first Zone Activities. Last leadership conference, president patania put into effect zone activities to do proselyting and service. As a zone we have to do 1 proseliting activity and one service activity every transfer. So last tuesday, after district meetings, we did a proselyting activity in area of reconquista 3. That is the area of Sister Arias(37 year old brazilian) and Sister Howe(19 year old from greeley CO), and they didn’t have many investigators to work with, so the whole zone went to their area and contacted for 2 hours and got them a bunch of references to follow up on. It was kinda fun. This Tuesday we are going to do a service activity as a zone at a members house. Ill be sure to take some pictures for you next week. The picture situation is kinda weird, I cant promise pictures every week, some of the computers in this cafe dont allow you to upload pics and some do... so if i can I will.

Zone pic after our activity

 The work is moving along slowly here. After 3 weeks here, I have come to the realization that every single family here is a partial member family. And those who aren’t members, don’t want anything to do with the church. It is quite odd, and there is a lot of history that I need to figure out. I think it would help the branch to get new strong member families... so I think I might put that as the focus. 

The Parera Family
We are entering into the second half of the transfer and we will be having divisions and multizone confrence.. so it will be a fun second half of the transfer. This afternoon, we will be going to the Las Colonias Alfajor factory to take a tour. I am pretty excited for that. There you can buy boxes of alfajores, so when I come home, Ill get a box to bring back! 

I have a question for... Lucas, the recent convert, has his father who works for the military, and he has to take 2 trips a year to the states, well to Michigan, to use a flight simulator. Well he brought back  ¨Extra¨ gum and lucas gave me the box. So Sunday after the 1st hour of church, I popped in a stick of gum, and Elder Souza, and the sister missionarys started accusing me of breaking the fast. I was so confused, hahaha it was kinda funny but all of them swear that if you are fasting you aren’t allowed to chew gum. SO the question is, If you are fasting, are you allowed to chew gum? I told them if that is the case, then I have never fasted in my life. haha kinda a funny stupid question. 

But that was my week, nothing too crazy. I am getting excited for conference already, haha I hope you all have a great week! 



A weird, 45-year old man made an iron soar and shield, unfortunately he sold the knight helmet 

Monday, August 28, 2017

abundance of life 8/28/17

 How are things? 

Well a few new things to tell you about this week. First off we had the baptism of Lucas Vergada, the 23 year old meterologist for a local military air base. That happened saturday and all of his family from paranà, entre rios came for the baptism. The family got baptised in march and may(some in march and some in may) and so Lucas got exposed to the church through their conversions. It was a great baptism and his 25 year old brother baptised him. 

On saturday, we went to go eat lunch with lucas and his family, but his family got stuck in mud 20 outside of reconquista in a town called malabrigo. so we went with lucas to go help them out. But right as we got there, they had gotten out of the mud thanks to a truck that had just passed by and pulled them out. We returned to lucas` house for lunch where we talked for a little bit and got to know the whole fam. Sunday we had a area broadcast from salt lake for the area south america south where  elder rasband presided in the broadcast. For that reason, we had all the branches together and then after the broadcast we comfired lucas in one of the rooms of the church building. 

This past thursday a friday, all the district leaders had a training in resistencia, and there are 2 district leaders in our zone, so their companions stayed with us while they were gone and we did divisions. I was with elder Giforos from american fork. His has been in the mission for 2 weeks, and even though i am the zone leader, I think I learned a lot more from him during divisions than he learned from me. The MTC is such a spiritual high that the new missionaries come into the mission with, many times, a different perspective and mindset. It was fun to feed off his energy and spirtuality. But it was interesting doing divisions in the area that ive only been in for a week and a half.... i didnt get lost too much haha and we found the people needed to find. I am enjoying the area and the branch here. It has it`s own identity and feel. 

On a sadder note, Saturday morning, we past by the house of a member at 9:20am where we were notified that the 18 month old of a less active familyhad past away the night before due to heart complications since birth. It took me a second to remember who the family was and it was a family we had visited with elder Giforos two days prior. I couldnt believe it because it seemed so healthy when I was there. And to make the situation worse, the culture here in Argentina is the bury deceased people within 16-20 hours of death. We went straight from the members house to the viewing right down the street. and we stayed there until noon. But it is difficult because since they bury people here so fast after death, it leaves little to zero time to plan any service. And unfortunatly all the presithood leaders of the branch were out of town working and the branch here doesnt have anysort of communication set up so there were only like 2 members that knew about the death and were at the funural. It made me sad and a little angry that this family of now 4 wasnt able to have the support of the church. While we were there, elder souza and I gave blessings of comfort to the parents. It was a sad situation and It makes me even more grateful and apriciative for the simple luxeries we have in our lives, such as proper thought out funurals for loved ones. 

I am reading the new testament right now and i am in John right now. I specifically liked in john 10:10-11 where it says, am come that they mighhave lifeand that theymighhave it more abundantly. athe good shepherdthe good shepherd giveth hislife for thsheep. This scripture made me think of the quote that says, ¨Every person has been given life, but not every person has truely lived¨. Or somethinga long those lines. I love what Christ said that he has come so that we not only have our lives, but that we can have more abundence of life. I believe that we can recieve a larger abundence of life as we turn to Him and live like he did, loving others  and becoming more charitable, as we turn outward in the service of others, instead of turning inward and becoming as the world is, fallen, lost, and darkening. 

I love you all and hope you have a better week and find happiness and joy in your trails. 

Elder Keicher

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Exploding water heater 8/21/17

Well my first week in reconquista is over. And Rick is right, the fact that I am now in a place where there are sisters does indeed mean that it is nicer. That´s why there arent any sisters in the ibarreta zone. But it was a great week. It has been more of a different week because I had to follow my companion everywhere and rely on him because I obviously dont know anything about this place. It has been the first time i´va had to do that since my training 14 months ago. But I am slowly getting to know the people. I even got to flashback a bit because when we went to resistencia last thursday for leadership council,and we had to stay in Fontana, my first area. It was so weird arriving and sleeping in that apartment again. But anyway, last wednesday night, we got a call from Elder Ordoñes(from ecuador), who is training elder Giforos(from utah) in our zone. The both of them have never been in the area they are assigned to this transfer, and so when they arrived to their apartment wednesday night, elder Ordoñes tried to turn on the hot water heater and it exploded in his face!! Burning off all of his eyebrows, eye lashes, a bit of his hair, and slight burns in his skin. They went to the hosptial in reconquista and the doctors told him he couldnt be in direct sun contact for 7 days because of his burns. So.... when we got back from resistencia, we did divisions with them so that Giforos didnt have to spend his first week confined to the apartment. I stayed with elder ordoñez for all of friday.... but i was expecting huge burn scars on his face.... but luckly it wasnt as bad as I was expecting. But that was a crazy experience ffrom this week. 

This week in reconquista, we have a baptism set for a 23 year old military guy named lucas. He is a super cool guy that works as a meterologist for the military base here in roconquista. He has family in Entre Rios(a provence of argentina) that got baptized like 4 months ago. So that is how he got into contact with the church. Apparently, he just showed up to the church one day and elder souza and his other comp talked to him. All of his family will be coming here for the baptism this Saturday, so it will be an awesome day. Sunday was great! there were 61 people who came to church.   

I took some pics of the appartment im in know and with some friends in resistensia. I took a pic with elder nuñez, he is the missionary that I think looks like michael maxwell. I hope you all have a great week. Hel 5:12

Corbin Keicher
My new apartment

Outside the apartment

Us with the assistants

Me with Elder Nuñez

Back with Elder Gallegos

Friday, August 18, 2017

Milagros y New Area 7/14/17

Well it happened! The Cano Familiy got baptized! Wooh-Hoo! It was a very busy week. We had a lesson with them Tuesday night with one of the members and all we did was go around the circle and shared our testimonies. Fabiana cried as usual and then when we got to celedonio he expressed a couple doubts that he had... one concerning the necessity of being baptized when he was already baptized as a kid in the Catholic church(which we had already explained 3 times prior). We then told him that if he wanted to get baptized with his familiy, he would have to stop smoking that instant and never go back.I challenged him to go into the house and give me all his cigarretes. But he expressed that he wasnt ready and didnt want to.... So wednesday, the 3 got interviewed, Fabiana, Damian, Antonella. And I wasnt there for it cause I was in Las Lomitas in divisions but the Elder that interviewed them said that in the prayer that Antonella did, she asked that her dad would be able ¨to make this convent some day¨. Antonella is 11 and is a rock star. I was so happy Saturday, the day of their baptism. It had been a long journey to get to that day, 5 months in the making since the initial contact 3/3/17. But they overcame the obstacles. 

The 3 Canos that got baptized

After the baptism, we had a party for them with all the members. There were like 45 people who came to the baptism. And I brought my speaker and we played music and ate empanadas and cake. It was a super sweet end to my time in Ibarreta. 

baptism/wedding cake

Sunday night the branch threw a go-away party for me and we drank hot chocolate and took pictures. It was so bittersweet. I will miss all the people in Ibarreta so much. Especially the youth. They are so awesome and helped us out all the time. 
- pic with ¨fama¨ the guy that takes us to potrillo    
District president Fernandez and his wife, they made us lunch every sunday    
El Aleph, my favorite restaurant that  is in Juarez    

The people in the Colony right after church    

Oriana and Lidia made me a goodbye cake     

Some of the members  in Ibarreta at my goodbye party    

Leaving my ibarreta house    

But I got transferred exactly where I wanted to go. The nicest area of the mission in my opinion. Reconquista, Santa Fe. The city has lite and paved  streets which is a luxery. The sisters in our Zone obviously get the nicest parts, and I really havent gotten to know the area yet. There are 6 sisters and 4 other elders in our zone. and 2 of those sisters are fresh in training and 1 elder is fresh into training. It will be interesting.
 I left Ibarreta yesterday at 2 and it was super weird because I had to travel by myself in the bus for 8 hours without a companion. But it was nice to have alone time. I got to resistencia at 8:30pm and Elder Souza got on the bus and we went to Reconquista together, and you know what??? the Bus played Star Wars Episode 7... the first time i have ever seen star wars in my life. It was actually pretty sad because Han Solo died and I thought he was suppose to be like a really important actor in the star wars movies.... but I didnt understand all of the stuff because I have seen the first 6 movies. But still super awesome! 
In the bus alone    

Elder Souza is from sao paulo, Brasil. He has been in this area for 2 transfers and has been i nthe mission for 18 months. He leaves in January. He is super cool and I look forward to being with him. The apartment here in Ronconquista is one of the only apartments in the mission that has a MICROWAVE. Oh Yeah! So I will be able to use that! The apartment is a lot nicer that ibarretas. I am super excited to work and get to know the area. We already had lunch with one of the families here and they seem super cool and nice. 
Elder Souza and I     

But yeah that is basically all the details I got. I will be sending pictures next week of the area so you can see what it looks like. I hope y´all have a great week. 

Work hard, play hard, worship hard. Love you. 


Corbin Keicher

Another goat
Cat Selfie