Monday, November 7, 2016

Getting HOT

Hello Family,
How are you all? This week in Argentina has been great. I am a little upset right now because all my pictures on my memory card are gone.... idk what happened. I am glad I have been uploading them to dropbox but the photos and videos from this week are gone. I am not sure what happened. So I'll just explain what I did a little better.
First off, we got our email time cut down to and hour and a half so a little shorter. So I am sorry if I cant get back to everyone who emails me but if I have extra time at the end Ill send ya a little note. Just know that I really love your emails, thoughts and stories from your week that you all share with me.
So this week E' Gallegos showed me how to make empenadas. It was a lot of fun and I put TACO bell seasoning on the hamburger meat that we used. It was super good. In return I showed him how to make a salad from America (IDK why but thats what he asked me to make haha). I think he asked me because I had Ranch that mom sent me. So I just made a typical ranch salad. I kinda understand why he asked me that because here, a salad is lettuce and salt or tomatoes and oil. Its really bland and weird. But it was super fun. We also had a zone meeting last Saturday which was fun. Last night we had an ASADO, or a BQQ, with the Boazzo family- which is a family really close to baptism but just lack marriage. Unfortunatly I wont be here in Fontana for their wedding and Baptism because they are planning on getting married in Janurary. Idk why they are waiting but... they are. But the ASADO was super good and we had coke which I loved. The food down here is pretty good. I really cant explain. I love ASADO and empanadas. Those two are my favorite. But the most common meal members serve us is noodles with a sauce and chicken. I will try to get a picture of my food sometime. I absolutly love ALFAJORES. Look them up they are a type of treat/candy cupcake thing that is distinct to south america (i think). It is SO good and I usually buy one every other day.

The language really is improving. I am learning and understanding a lot more. It is helpingme that I have a lantino native speaker now. He usually has to repeat stuff 2-4 times before I can recognize the words he is saying. It doesnt help that he has kind of a lisp haha. My comp reminds me of "Michael Oher" from The Blind Side. He is a big friendly giant. A little feminine but its okay haha. The branch here in Fontana is great. We average around 45- 50 members in church every Sunday. Thats actually not bad for here. And the members are super good. We usualy dont have to do anything. One time I had to give a talk cause the speaker didnt show. But other than that we just sit and listen. There is enough preisthood to administer  and pass the sacerment. I do have a request for mom. I would like another laundry bag because when I send my clothes to get cleaned I dont have something to put my dirty clothes. And if you send another package, I would like juice powder mix to make juice. Other than that thats is. I asked E' Gallegos and he said just a little something that says america or has an American flag on it. Something small. But I think I will be gone by the time I get the next package because transfers are at the begining of December.

 I have been really focusing on obedience lately and trying to be obedient. They are so many "rules" in the mission and if you arnt focusing or if you are being a little lazy, more than likely you are not keeping a rule of the mission. For example our average day is a little different than the typical sechule of a normal missionary. We wake up at 6:30am every day. We have an hour and a half to exercise, shower, and get ready for the day. 8am-9am we have personal study. after that we leave and are out walking, talking, and contacting people. If we have a lunch appointment we try to arrive at the house of the member by noon. We eat and then return to our appartment by 1:30pm. Here were start companionship study and finish around 3-3:30pm. Then after that we have language study. By 4:30pm we are back out until 9pm talking to people. Then when we return at night we plan for the next day for 20 minutes, eat something and get ready for bed and are in bed by 10:30pm. And thats the typical schedule. If we have district or zone meetings those take place in the afternoon during the siesta. The siesta here is hardcore. From 12-4pm is the siesta. And it is like Utah on Sundays. All businesses are closed and nobody is out. Everyone is in their house eating lunch and sleeping. So for that reason we have studies/meetings during the siesta. But like I was saying, as a missionary we ask people everyday day to live the gospel, listen to our message, and be obiedient. And if I, as a missionary, cant even be obiedient, how can I expect investigators to do so. Its just like everything else. As imperfect humans we are constantly judges, comparing, and trying to tell other people what to do. But in reality we are just as imperfect as the people we judge and critisize. It reminds me of a quote from Elder Dieter F. utchdorf when he said, "Dont judge me because I sin differently than you." We all lack and struggle. So I as a missionary have to make sure I am living the gospel, the rules, and councils of the church before I can invite someone else to do the same.

Anyway I love you all. Good luck with the new president. I'll be safe down here in Argentina. I'll pray for you cause either way you're all screwed up there hahahaha. I love you all.  Have a great week..
E'Corbin Keicher