Thursday, March 30, 2017

Racing in River Streets

Well hello fam,

This week was filled with fun. We had divisions with the zone leaders Friday. That was a lot of fun. I went with Elder Higuera from Louisiana. He goes home in 2 weeks. He used to be the financial secretary. Super cool guy. We went to the colony just out of Ibarreta in the morning that day and visited a recent convert and visited another family. Then we spent the afternoon that day working on the other side of Ibarreta. I had never been over there because it is not our area. But I enjoyed that a lot and learned a lot from Elder Higuera. He went to John Hopkins for 3 years before he left and he knows Latin/French. Kind of a genius. But we heard some bad news on Wednesday. We had planned this last week to go by Isabel everyday to prepare her for her baptism. But she has been sick for some time and so she went to the hospital here in Ibarreta to get some Cough medicine and the hospital didn't have any to give to her. So Thursday they left for the capital of Formosa and got medicine over there. Lucky she got back Friday (the day of divisions) and so Elder Urquidi did her baptism interview and all was well. But she was still pretty sick so they gave her a blessing. Then afterwards she told them to come by the next day (Saturday) in the morning to see how everything was. So we went by and told us that she got absolutely zero sleep and said she didn't feel well enough to get baptized. Just a weak sick old lady but it was a downer. I just hope she gets better and stays motivated. So we reset her baptism for this Friday. 

Saturday is rained 190 millimeters (7.48 inches). Which is a lot. It started Saturday night and dumped all night into the morning. When it rains here the streets are either literally rivers or super muddy. So we went to church and it ended up being us 4 missionaries and the branch president at church yesterday. So we did the hymns, the sacrament, then each person shared a little something and then we went out and helped members and investigators who where flooded. It was kind of a weird Sunday and one I will always remember. 

The work in our area is great. We have a lady who we met 2 weeks ago who was a friend of a family we have been passing by called the Cano Family. This lady is called Rosaura and she is a friend of this family. We gave her a book of mormon 2 weeks ago. Then during divisions Elder Taylor and Urquidi went by the family and this lady rosaura had read 28 chapters in the BoM in those 2 week. Super cool. But the problem is that she lives out in "campo" or in the country about 30 minutes away and only comes to Ibarreta ever other weekend. So we are going to try and get permission from president to go visit her out there. 

But everything sounds super good on your end. I cant wait to her all the details for the wedding. Congrats to Chalet!! That is exciting.  I hope you are all excited for GEN CON this weekend. I know I am excited. We will be making a bunch of Brigadero, a brazialian dish, for it cause it is so good. Elder Urquidi makes it. He told me that Logan would definitely know it. but see ya. Have a great week.!! 

Elder Keicher