Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Internet Retrasado

Well hello again! 

It was great to see and hear from all of you yesterday. Even though the internet wasn't good and we only got to talk through the computer I still enjoyed it. All the other missionaries had troubles and their screens froze and were basically just talking to a frozen picture for their calls. So that is just the luxury of Ibarreta, Argentina Internet. Even today, having 4 missionaries emailing is too much for the network so we are going 2 at a time. haha crazy, I guess I am just used to it. 

But everyone seems to be doing well. It was good to see all of you in action for a little bit. Asher was a surprise for me. Super talkative and all grown up. But the personality is still there. 

So that you all know... i'm not sure if I said this yesterday, but next p-day is tuesday because we have transfers next Sunday/Monday. This week and transfer flew by... and I really enjoyed it too! This morning and last night, Elder Carrizales and Morriera stayed with us to spend P-day here. And we played 17 games of Monopoly Deal. haha it was super fun... and about as fun as it gets here. I won 9 of them.... 💁

There was an exciting and funny experience that happened this week. For the first couple days of last week, our shower head had been acting weird.  The shower head is an electric shower head. Inside of it has the mechanism that makes the water from cold to hot. And there are 2 wires that run to it to provide the power. On Tuesday the wires started shorting out randomly throughout the day. It was randomly spark and then make a small explosion sound. It was really weird. Then as we were going to bed that night it kept shorting out like every 15 minutes. It was soo bizzare. So that morning I decided not to shower because I did not want to risk getting shocked by showering. So that day passed and it kept shorting out like it does. The next morning I woke up feeling so disgusting and gross that I decided I had to take a shower. But there is nothing I hate more than cold showers. So I took my duct tape and I tape it around the wires that were exposed and making the sparks and explosions. I took a quick shower and Elder Urquidi did as well. Everything was fine. Then at 8:51am as we were saying our closing prayer to our daily planning we heard a literal explosion from the bathroom. When we looked in the bathroom there were flames on the wire and was burning my duct tape. It was CRAZY! Soooo we called an electrician and he should be coming today or tomorrow to replace the whole shower head. So i have been showering with a bucket since Wednesday morning haha funny story... I attached a pic

This week was super fun!! As far as the missionary work went this week we had a couple things happen. On Thrusday, we had a priesthood activity at the church were all the guys came to the church and played soccer and ate "churripan" or sausage hot dogs. We brought Rodrigo to the activity but like I said last week he is moving back to Buenos Aires. So at the activity we took him into the computers and we looked up where he lives exactly and showed him the closest chapel to his house there. Then we filled about an online referral to send to the missionaries in Buenos Aires. Then we enjoyed the activity. Luckily I didn't have the privilege to embarrass myself playing soccer with latinos because we aren't allowed to play soccer. But we are allowed to be the goal keeper haha. But I took a small video of them playing I will upload. With the Cano Family, like I mentioned yesterday, we have them set to get baptized this Saturday... but it depends on if they get married on Friday. We taught them and passed by a lot to keep them motivated. The last time we checked the dad was at 4-6 cigs a day. So not sure if he will make it. So we will be working a lot with them. I will be able to update you next week better.

On Wednesday I think we went the the colony and worked there. The church there is pretty weak, so we work with the only active family there to strengthen it. We visited with a kid named Miguel there that is working on going on a mission. So we are trying to help him with that. But there in the colony was where I was able to catch a hold of a goat and put it on my shoulders. It was a pretty fun and the goat was so nice, didn't resist at all. I'll try to upload that pic. Then on Friday we had divisions with Campo where I went there.  Campo is like 30 minutes up the road from Ibarreta. I was with Elder Carrizales from Cody, Wyoming. He is a super cool guy and is serving as the branch president over there. He goes home in August after the 9 week transfer. It was fun talking to him and learning from him with his experience. 

I am glad to hear the Rockies are doing well. They would have their one good season during the mission haha. But that is all I got. Sorry my emails arnt very detailed... I will try to work on that. Have a great week!! 

E' Corbin Keicher

We found a sleeping horse on the side of the road (not dead)

 I painted my name on the wall... service for a old lady in the branch

Found snake skin on the road to the colony