Monday, October 17, 2016


Hello fam,

Another week has passed down here. Nothing too crazy. This is the last P day of the transfer so next week I will write on Tuesday. It has got freaking HOT this week. The first part of last week was all rain. Tuesday night We were walking and it was cloudy so we had brought our rainjackets just in case and then BOOM! rain just dropped and it was raining so hard. We were near one of our planned people to go visit so we stopped by and only the 13 year old kid was home but he let us in cause it was raining so hard. We sat and talked and ended up just teaching him a lesson cause we didnt want to go back out in the rain. Near the end of the lesson the power cut and it was pitch dark. no light. So I took a flashlight out of my bag and a glass cup of water and made a little machief lamp so we could finish the lesson. We got out of the lesson at 7:30ish and got a call from our Zone leaders that we needed to head back to the apartment early cause of lightning and flooding. And when we got back to the appartment we found that our power was cut too. So that was interesting. Then the rest of the week was just humid and hot. Yesterday was the worst. I have a picture of my face at 8:30 at night and I am just so sweaty. But other than the weather not much happened. Just a typical week. The language is what it is. Mentally I think I just sike myself out somedays. Its just a rollercoaster. Somedays I feel like I am talking and understanding great, and other days I feel like I am back in the MTC. So yeah. But I have confidence and am excited for new things to come this next week. We did some service on Saturday at Eva Garcias house which is the lady mom is friends with on Facebook. We helped crush concrete in their backyard to make your traditional ghetto Argentine sidewalk thing. It was fun and they gave us Coke so I loved it. I also forgot to tell you that the other week i forgot my sunglasses at there house after cutting branches and their dog got a hold of it and chewed the crap out of the wooden part of the glasses. I was like whatever its my fault that I left them there. But we went to there house Saturday and she had taken them to an optical place in centro and replaced the wooded chewed up part of them. So that was nice of her. She and her daughters are actually going to Utah next July to visit missionary friends. 

Sounds like everyone is doing great. That is exciting to hear about Gabe! I am happy for him. I dont know if I have mentioned this but I finished the Book of Mormon in English this last week. I had started it in the MTC and now have restarted it but this time in Spanish. I really enjoyed reading it and having the perspective of a missionary while reading it. I hope I can get through it multiple times in spanish on the mission. This last sunday was mothers day here in Argentina. So there were a bunch of parties and mom centered topics in church. A lot of the argentine elders here talked to there moms today. But I dont know why exactly Argentina is different like that cause from what I have heard, other Latino countries just have regular mothers day in May. Argentina is just a little hipster that way. But yeah, Next week will come with some new news and some change. So STAY TUNED. Its weird to think that im going to be out of my training next week. I still feel like a little newbee. But this will be fun. I am excited. I dont have much  this week. My train of thought in this email might be a little all over the place because we had to break up our use of computers because of some new rules in the mission. But we got a bump in monthly momey. So that will be great. So til next wek. Chao! 

E' Corbin Keicher