Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 52! Birthday week! 6/19/17

Well this week was great. We had the baptism of Malvina from the colony on Friday. She is 10 years old and is part of a less active family in the colony. Friday was a day full of stress because there was a ton of things to do for the baptism and just us two missionaries to do it. My biggest concern was the water. Since it is winter here it gets pretty cold and makes the water pretty equally as cold. I had known about this and was relying on church properties to come up this week to fix the hot water, cause I had called them a week and a half ago and they said they were going to fix it. Well we got to the church Friday morning and the hot water was definitely not working and when I called properties, they said they were coming tomorrow(saturday) to fix it. Sooooo, we started filling up the baptism font anyway and I started boiling water. And every 5 minutes for 2 hours I made a trip from the kitchen to the baptism font with hot water to pour in. At noonwe got a call from president Falcon telling us that his truck(only truck/vehicle in the branch) was in the shop and that he wouldn’t be able to pick up Malvina and her family from the colony for the baptism. So he talked to his neighbor who also has a truck and paid him 600 pesos to go and pick up the people and take them back. Then, we coordinating with a member to bring baptism clothes for Malvina and by the time it was 5pm we were all in the church waiting for the people from the colony to get there. Once everyone arrived, we noticed that Brother Casili(group leader in the colony) was there and in fact wasnt able to make it. We had asked him and he was suppose to be the one to baptize malvina! So.... I had to quickly get dressed into my bap clothes and we finally got settled into the room ready for the baptism. Then right as we were getting ready to start I looked around the room and noticed that the 30 people that were there for the baptism consisted of 30 girls and 0 priesthood. So now we couldn’t do the baptism because you need 2 priesthood witnesses. So then we had to make some more calls and finally Pres Falcon showed up covered in saw dust from his wood shop and we were able to do the baptism.
But it turned out to be a great baptism for Malvina and even though the water was a little chilly, she was a trooper and everything turned out great! 

Also this week we made another trip to El Potrillo from Wednesday to  Friday. It was a great trip and we got a lot done. We stayed in a different hotel because ´Él Parador´ was a little expensive. We ate at our favorite place called El Aleph which was another pleasant experience! On Thursday we went up to Potrillo and luckily I sat inside the truck this time. I was with Elder Moreira(Branch Pres of Potrillo) and he just did interviews for the temple because they are planning a temple trip for them. The Asuncion,Paraguay temple is closing in November for 2 years to do some major repairs and construction on it and so all the areas here are trying to get to the temple before it closes. But anyway on our way back from Potrillo, a Peruvian member family invited us to eat dinner at their house. They are part of the Las Lomitas group and live like an hour north from Las Lomitas so they make over a 2 hour round trip every Sunday to go to church. But they made us peruvian food that was SOO good. It was mainly good because it wasnt one of the 4 things Argentines cook(empanadas, Gisos, milanesa, pizza). It was a potateo/lettuce dish with a REALLY good sauce. I attached a photo of that to look at. 

This week will be a fun week. Tomorrow we have Multi-Zona in Formosa. It will be the last time I see Pres Franco. Thursday and Friday we will do division with Las Lomitas. We have been having a lot of success with our english class we hold every Saturday. The people that go are usually Ordian and lidia ayala, ariana Falcon, and a couple others. But The past 2 weeks, Ordiana and Lidia have both brought a friend to the class. And one asked for a BoM! So we are excited about that. 

That is about all i have for this week.