Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Monday already??

This week passed kinda quick for me. But it was a great week anyway and saw a lot of success. We had district meeting last Tuesday in Fontana which is like 20 minutes down the road. There I interviewed an investigator for baptism that the Fontana elders are teaching. He ended up getting baptized over the weekend. So congrats to them! 

After last P-day in the afternoon we went to the District Presidents house and his wife taught us how to make ´´Pionono´´ which is basically a rolled up cake. haha it was really good. I attached a picture of that. Then this week we also had divisions and Elder Freeman from Las Lomitas came  with me to Ibarreta. But the part that was less awesome is that we had to wake up at 3am to catch a 4am bus to Las Lomitas because it is a 2 hour bus ride. Then I had to take another 2 hour bus ride back to ibarreta and got back at 9am. It was long and I just slept the whole time. But I enjoyed spending a day with Elder Freeman. He is from Oregon and studied i think 3 semesters before the mission at BYU-Idaho and another small school in Oregon. We found some really good Alfajores together called ´´Sin Culpa´´. Each one costs $15 pesos which is kinda much for an alfajore but it was really good haha. 

This Sunday was probably the best Sunday in my mission so far. We had 5 investigators in church. 4 of them were the entire Cano family. The other was our investigator from a couple months ago named Rodrigo. He is the guy that had a lot of smoking and drug issues in Buenos Aires and Elder Taylor and I started teaching him. But told us he was moving back to Buenos Aires until mid April. Well Elder Urquidi found him last week and got him to church again! He is such a cool guy. He is very humble and nice. But he told us that he will be moving to Bueos Aires and staying there until October. So we are going to have to contact the missionaries directly cause he is more than just a reference. haha he is an investigator with 2 church attendances. But the Cano Family loved church. We had some really crucial lessons this week with them. We taught the Law of chastity and the word of wisdom... we had been saving those until they had experienced church because they aren't married and the dad smokes. And it was a miracle! They told us that they tried to get married last year but just got lazy and didn’t put in the effort to get all the things for it. But they said that they will get married and accepted and are planning to get married on the 19th....the day before their baptism date! Then when we taught the WoW, we had the president Falcon (Branch Pres)  come with us. He was an alcoholic before he meet the missionaries and literally turned his life around. So that helped the dad see that it is possible. He told us that he smokes like 10-12 a day. Then they all came Sunday. It was such a powerful testimony meeting and afterwards I taught the Gospel Principles class with the 5 investigators and the wife of the branch president while Elder Urquidi taught the youth. I taught ´´Fasting¨ and what it means to fast. Celidonio (the dad of the Canos) shared that he got up that morning and didn’t smoke, which apparently he does everyday... it is just a fix, like drinking a cup of coffee. After all three hours President Falcon gave Celidonio a blessing. He basically has to quite smoking in one week.... so keep him in your prayers. 

Oh and with the Mothers day call this sunday… we will most probably do it in the house of the district president. So we will see what happens with that. I will call at 4:30pm our time, 1:30 your time. The only thing is I don't know if the computer will have a microphone. I think all will turn out to be fine. You guys just be ready on your end and I will try and figure out all the things. The time is 45min-1hr. So lets try to follow that schedule. Cause the whole zone is coming here to talk.  
But yeah that was basically the week. I made tacos this morning and we cleaned the crap out of our little house. I hope you all have a great week. You all sound soooo good. I am glad the graduation went smoothly. I am not surprised that kenz lost her name cord.... typical! ðŸ˜‚  
Have a great and fun week! Love ✌

Corbin Keicher

Sitting in chairs(obviously) at a part family's house

Inside the house of the part-family with them and their parrot

Pic with Elder Freeman