Monday, May 1, 2017

Dead Dogs and Baptisms

Interesting week! The biggest thing that happened this week was Multi-Zone conference in Formosa (3 hours from Ibarreta). That happened Wednesday and I enjoyed it a lot. It was kind of bittersweet because that was the last conference with President and Sister Franco and my last interview with Pres. Franco. But crazy thing happened on our way to Formosa that morning. As we were arriving to Formosa, there was a little bit of traffic. We were going like 10 MPH when a dog attempted to cross the road. There was a Toyota truck in front of us that didn’t even blink an eye and plowed over the back side of the dog going 10mph. I was in the back of the shuttle half asleep when the spouse of the driver started freaking out. I woke all the way up and saw the aftermath of it all and heard the poor screeches of the dog. The shuttle driver stopped and they moved the yelping dog to the median of the road and we continued on. Half a mile down the road the Toyota truck had pulled off the road, so when we passed by them the ´´spouse´´ lady stuck her head out the window and said so many bad words in Spanish to the guy in the truck. As a missionary you don't really hear that side of the language. It was just a funny/sad situation all together and probably wont ever forget it. 

At the end of the conference our zone and a couple other zones were just waiting to get all our interviews done. We found ourselves standing in the middle of the cultural hall talking with Sister Franco. It was soo fun talking to her. She is so ´´Trunky´´ which means is ready to go home. She filled us in on our she got called to the Primary general board. She said that she did a Skype interview with President Henry B. Eyring where he extended the calling. She said that she thought the skype call was for President Franco but turned out to be her. She said she is super nervous about having to give general conference talks. Which I would be too. Then she talked about a couple of movies and filled us in a little bit on what is happening in Syria cause we literally have no clue. I just learned about that the other day. After the interviews we went to a grocery store called Carrefore and did some shopping where I bought Tabasco, Tostitos, and Prego. A bottle of Prego here costs $11! crazy... but sooo worth it! haha

As far as the missionary work this week it was a success! Friday we did divisions with Fontana which is like 20 minutes down the road! I spent the day with Elder Ferriera from Rosario, Santa Fe, ARG. He has 2 transfers less than me I think. But we passed by a lady there who is LOCA!! She is a total inactive member and is 68 years old. To explain a little she is married to a Jewish guy who is 48 years old. They got married LAST YEAR. and to make it even crazier, this jewish guy lived in the states for 15 years in Miami and Seattle and other places. I told him I was from Colorado and he looked at me and said ´´oh...Denver? sí?...y aurora?......y Colorado springs no?¨ haha So he actually knew a little of the map but English... couldn’t speak it at all. But he, being Jewish, left after 3 minutes to go shopping. So we talked to the lady where, to make a LONG story short, is very mad at God, mad at people, mad at her neighbors, and just mad at life/the world. It was very frustrating trying to explain to her that staying in her house all day not doing anything wasn’t going to help her situation. She hasn't left her house in months supposedly. But anyway that was the most exciting thing about divisions.
Then Saturday we had the baptism of Raul. It was a success and there were a ton of members there. Also Fabiana Cano and her daughter came to the baptism as well, which was awesome!! Afterwards we ate food and the youth had mutual. On Sunday we had a great lesson with the youth. There has been ¨wars and rumors of wars¨ between the young women of the branch. They have been excluding and grouping off and saying mean things on facebook. So Elder Urquidi taught a lesson to them about contention. Then we watched the video about Bullying with Elder Uchtdorf talking! It was a super good lesson and they all liked it. But that was basically the week. It has been raining a lot here lately.. I am getting kind of sick of it haha.

I hope everyone enjoys the week up in Logan at the graduation for Mackenzie. I bet it will be fun! I hope you all have a great week!!  

Elder Lake and I meet once again

Selfie with Maxi Falcon (the son of the branch president)