Monday, September 19, 2016

Argentina ASADO

Hey Fam,

So this week was pretty casual. Not as exciting as last week but I did get to get my first Argentine ASADO or BBQ. It was actually really good. We had it for dinner at out 1st counselors house last friday night! I took some pictures of it. His wife gave me a little "Ketchup" packet as a joke. It was pretty funny. But that family always feeds me WAY too much. I could barely walk home after that. They just kept bringing food and dessert and stuff. I have never ben so full in my life. I also got Jack and Tracy's wedding invitation in the mail. I thought that was cool for them to send me an invitation. But anyway we had a good attendance at church. We had the Boazzo family there who is set to be baptized once they get the paper work for marriage worked out. Then one of our knew investigators came to church, Silvia, who is probably like 60ish years old. She is really interested which makes lessons so much easier and fun to teach. But what was cool was that she walked to church. I thought that was neat cause it is like a 15 minute walk to get to church from her house and while that doesn't seem like a lot of time, it showed that she wanted to go. So we had 5 investigators at church. But the down side to church was 2 minutes before church started the 1st councilor came to Butler and I and said that someone who was suppose to talk didn't show up. So Butler and I had to give talks.... So the last 15 minutes of sacrament meeting was left and so I went up and shared article of faith 4 and just talked a little bit on each principle and then talked about General Conference coming up and that took like 6ish minutes. Then Butler talked for like 7 minutes. SO it wasn't too bad. 

It was great to hear from all of you. Sounds like the cruise Logan and Kelsey went on was a blast. Broncos are still killing it! WOAH! The mission so far has made me realize how awesome our family is. I want to thank you all for being awesome! Keep working hard. I am trying really hard on being Diligent. There was quote that I remembered from the MTC that says, "Success is determined from your DILIGENCE not your Intelligence." I am really trying to apply that. But I feel like a Latino companion will really help me learn the language a lot better. I am making some progress but I feel like if i am talking and listening to a latino speak 24/7 I will be able to pick and understand faster. I am very grateful for E' Butler though. It has been a nice transition though. I just hope everything will work out.

 One thing that I have really been enjoying is the iPod Logan put together and Kenzie's too. I just have the nano and the older 'video' one but no I don't have a touch haha. But the talks that are on there are really fun and interesting to listen too and I have really enjoyed them. I actually have no clue what the "Teaching the Saviors Way" program is but what you are describing just sounds like Preach  My Gospel. So they are probably just the same thing. Also yeah, Butler has been in other places than here in Resistencia. He has been in a place called Mercedez and "El Colorado". haha I hope I get to go there. But Butler has been in here in REZI for 7-8 months. And in this Area, Fontana, for 4 transfers. So I might actually stay here after my training. 
But anyway thats all I got this week. Talk you y'all next week. 

E' Keicher

Every time I look at a map its hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Im in Argentina. I will just look how far I am for you guys and it feel weird. It doesn't feel like that Im that far. And Thats weird to think that I am 1/8 done. A missionary going home this transfer described the mission like a house. you draw the first wall on the left side straight up, and that signifies the first 6 months. All up hill and difficult. Then you continue and draw the 2nd line which is the left side of the roof and that signifies the next 6 months. and there it is still up hill and difficult cause you are still learning the language and stuff. Then you draw the right said of the roof and that signifies the next 6 months and now things are starting to get comfortable and you can speak well and speak your mind and things are just clicking. Then the last wall one the right side signifies that last 6 months and its is easy and fun and is really when you enjoy the mission the best cause you can talk freely and do what you want. So Right now i am all up hill and truly is difficult. I have just accepted that it is difficult and all I can do it hope for the better days.