Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Bueno!! how goes it fam!

Life down here is just going as normal. this week was a lot of fun. We had divisions and a multi-zone conference. First off divisions was a lot of fun. I went to another area with my District leader, Elder Angarita, from Columbia. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed spending a day with him. I could understand his spanish so well and he has a fun personality. He has been here from 15 months. With divisions, what happens is we meet up during the siesta or after lunch and make the switch there. Then we go our ways and return the following day during the siesta to switch back. It's a lot of fun because you get to spend time with someone different, in a different area. Then on Thursday we had multi-zone which was a lot of fun. I was a little nurvous because I got assigned the night before to give a 5 minute thought out of preach my gospel to start the conference. hahaha so that was fun. I just read a little blurp on Dilegence and shared my testimony on that. But the conference was awesome because we got introduced to the Christmas theme this year which is "Illuminate the World". We got to watch the christmas video also which is super dope. President instructed us to start every lesson in december with this video. So that will be fun. But with multi-zone confrences it is practically all day. From 10am-5pm. the morning is a capacitation from president Franco. Then we eat Lunch and then listen to the assistants talk. There is also a mission video that the office makes every 3 months for these conferences that has pictures of all the baptisms that took place and then just pictures from missionaries. And then there are confrence quotes from apostils in it as well. Then at the end, Sister Franco gives birthday cards to all the missionaries that will have birthdays during the following 3 months. And then the missionaries that will leave in the next 3 months give a "last testimony". Then after everything we take a photo. So these conferences are fun. 

Anyway tomrrow marks my 5-month mark in the mission. Kinda crazy. It is practically Christmas. Oh and with Christmas we get to Skype. And in someplaces the connection is bad. I will be somewhere diferent when I Skype but I dont know where yet. And the length of our Skype session will also depend on where I am. If I have to in a church with a lot of other missionaries then it is likely that we can skype for only 45 minutes. But If I am with only a couple missionaries or at a members house.. it can be a little longer. It just depends on where I am....so we will see. But I really am doing great. We had stake confrence yesterday and that was a lot of fun. There were like 400 members there. I could understand like 50% of what was said. The temple presidency from the Paragauy temple was there. Thats the closest temple to here. Like 6 hours by car. Our progressing investigators are frustrating me right now cause they are like mas o menos progressing. We have a family that we are teaching that when we contacted into them told us that they have been goingto some churchs but havent found one that they like. They dont like the catholics or the evangelics. Which are the 2 big ones here. We have had like 4 lessons with them and they really like the message but say they will only be baptised if they recieve an answer... which is great. They are so prepared but aren't going to church. Thats probably the frustrating part is when you have investigators that are prepared and ready to accept but just dont go to church. Anyway... Its crazy this transfer only has 2 weeks left in it. I feel like I just got E'Gallegos as my companion. 

Everyone sounds great. I hope you all enjoy thanksgiving. That is one thing I will miss hahaha. Evelyn looks great. Have a great week and eat a lot of food!! Que tenga un buen dia de PAVO!!! 

Love all ya
E'Corbin Keicher