Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spread Some Light in This Dark World. Week 5 in the MTC (last week)

Last email from the USA(hopefully),

Hey fam,

So if the FBI thing goes through in the next couple days I will be leaving for Argentina on Monday. Everybody got their travel plans last Friday except for me. But if my plans are the same, I will be leaving the MTC at around 8 and the flight from SLC will leave I think around 2ish. Then we will get the Atlanta at around 7ish. Then our flight from Atlanta will leave at around 10:30ish and get to Buenos Aires 11 hours later. So ill probably be calling you guys from the Salt Lake Airport. But my plans could be different since my plane tickets are being bought like 4 days before I leave I dont know. Ill try to let you know if things are different when I get my plans. 

So I got the carry on Kenzie dropped off. And I did get the card reader but I dont think I'll need any new SD readers. I already have 2 and Im just going to upload every week to drop box and organize them in folders there. I got the Stance socks today and they are awesome, thanks for doing that. I dont think I need anything else before I leave. I will be sending my package back to you guys either tomorrow or Friday. I am so STOKED to finally leave. I am starting to get nervous though because we just learned subjunctive in Spanish the other day, and its what people use like 70% of the time in spanish and its pretty difficult. haha So my first 12 weeks should be fun. Ill try to tell stories of me saying weird stuff to people. I already told an "investigator" that "Through Christ they can be forgiven of their fish." Pecado=sin and pescado=fish. So itll definitely be fun haha. I go in tomorrow to have the foot doctor (Dr. Jarmillo) look at my warts before I leave. He injected this like stuff that kills them and they are starting to turn black. But idk if they are ready to be taken out yet. He told me you usually have to wait 3 weeks to let the stuff kill the wart completely so Ill see what he says tomorrow about that. I saw Clint again yesterday at dinner before Choir so I ate with him. It was nice and we got to talk a little longer. I got my hair cut today and this lady that was like on a break was showing the lady cutting my hair these videos of baby Pandas. So that was kinda fun. I got to watch a facebook video of baby Pandas while getting my haircut. OH and last week an Elder in my district who has been having a hard time got the chance to do a 2 hour "companionship" study with his dad at the MTC. but I had to be his companions companion during all of it. And when we went to pick him up Elder Wiggens wanted to get a picture with his dad before he left. So his dad gave me his phone to take a picture and I felt so weird holding an Iphone. AND ITS ONLY BEEN 5 WEEKS. Like touching the screen felt so weird. I havent had any withdrawals from not having a phone and honestly I havent really thought about it and maybe thats why it felt so weird. 

But anyway I loved this week. For Pioneer day in Utah, we had the National Tribute band as our Sunday devotional. It was actually weird because half the time it felt like a concert...and it was the sabbeth. But it was still so awesome. Besides Elder Bednar, I think that was my favorite devotional. We watched a really cool Elder Holland talk last night in which he gave to the MTC last year. It is entitled "Open Your Mouth". In it he talked about Joseph Smith and the first vision. He said, "To prevent the restoration of the gospel on the Earth, Satan exhorted all of his power that he had on Joshep Smith. If Satan had the power to kill someone, he wouldve. But he doesnt have the ability to do that. So he did the most powerful he can, he bound his tounge(JSH1:15) so he could not speak." Then Elder Holland so graceful stated, "OPEN YOUR MOUTH". So that is pretty centered to missionaries but that can apply to anyone. It relates to relationships, marriages, and being a member missionary. Opening your mouth doesnt have to mean to delcare repentance to others. But open your mouth and spread joy and happiness in this dark world. The world has enough sarcastic people and messed up people and people who wont spread joy and nice things. Its seems every other day I somehow hear of things happining in the world and its disgusting. Spread happiniess. BE CHARITABLE. Go out of your way to do something nice for a stranger. Thats all I got this week. Talk  to you Monday.  Ill probably not be able to email next week but the next one will be from another hemisphere. ETTE


Elder Corbin Keicher