Thursday, August 10, 2017


Well Hello fam, 

This week was a  great week! Fabiana and Celedonio Cano got married!! That was super exciting and fun to see! They got married Friday morning and so we were just planning to do the baptism Saturday.... but celedonio had to go to Chaco for some reason. So we will most likely be having a baptism next Saturday the 12th. I hope they will be prepared... because Celedonio is still smoking... so are meeting with him tonight to have a frank lesson with him to see if he is willing to throw those things away! I really hope he has the will and motivation and testimony to do so. 

Signing their wedding contracts

The Cano Family

Speaking of cigarettes, Saturday night we made tacos and watched videos with an inactive member here named Alejandro. He is like 28 or 30 years old and we wanted to make tacos with him and his non member friend Gaston... but only Alejandro showed up. But to give you some background, he was baptized about 4-5 years ago and has sensed falling into a bad cigarette and alcohol habit. But has a true testimony and conviction in Christ and the church. I remember the first time I met him like 4 months ago, I clapped at his gate and he came out with a cig in his hand and as soon as he saw us, he threw the cig and said, ¨Ah, I am sorry, im sinning right now¨. Which was so frank and straight up that it made me laugh a little. But anyway we said the prayer over the tacos and right when we said ´´amen´´ he came to me and gave me his pack of cigarettes and said he wants to get back on track! It was so awesome to see that. 

El Potrillo
We also did another potrillo trip last week and was pretty basic! Nothing to crazy to report from that trip. But yesterday, Elder White went to resistencia and will be staying there for a couple weeks to do some tests for his health. And Elder moreira will be coming back up tomorrow with a new companion. Sounds like if things dont improve with Elder White, he might be going home. Which is difficult to see because he has such a big desire to be here in the mission. But whereever the Lord needs him. 

Elder White and I

Yesterday we were able to confirm Lucas Lopez in the Colony Ensanche Norte. He is 10 years old and was baptized 9 days ago but wasnt able to go to church last Sunday. We didnt think he was going to come to church either yesterday because yesterday was a National Kids Day in Argentina and a lot of families were in Ibarreta at a festival with clowns and things for Kids. And we actually had a low attendance in the Colony because of it... 15 people. But it got me thinking, Why doesnt America have a national Kids day?. Then I realized, looking at Asher, that he is always at the library, hiking, swimming, eating cool food and I concluded that almost everyday in your childhood is national kids day. But anyway, Lucas literally showed up 2 minutes after the closing prayer, so we grabbed a chair, confirmed him and also gave him the sacrament. 

Well I am entering into my last week(I believe) in Ibarreta and I have a bittersweet feeling. If this is my last week, I will be eating lunchs with families for the last time. One thing that is cool here is that ever week, you eat at the same houses, for example every wednesday with the Gusevich family, and every Friday with the Albronoz family, etc. So I will most likely be eating my last meals with them. So I will have my P-day on Tuesday next week because of transfers. 

But that was my weeks adventures. I will have a lot more to update you on next week. So stay tuned! Love you all! 

Corbin Keicher

Weird Dream and Baptism 7/31/17

Me with another GOAT

Well this week was very rewarding. 
It was also pretty unplanned. Last Monday after P-day, we were walking with Elders Moreira and White back to our place and we were trying to figure out when we could go to Potrillo. Well, we ended up going that night and spent last Tuesday in Potrillo. It was a good trip and I went with Elder Moreira(the branch president) to do interviews. He had to visit a lot of people and families to get them ready for the temple trip in September. But then we went back to Juarez to wait for a bus. We couldnt eat with the Fiestas family because the mother of Brother fiestas past away and was in Peru. So we waited outside of our favorite restaurant there called ´´El Aleph´´. But then later found out it was closed.... so we had to go eat at ¨Karens¨ a really good but really expensive restaurant. There we ate something called ¨Lomitos¨ which is a type of sandwich. But Karen´s mom(the owner of the restaurant) gave each of us 1 empanada GRATIS to try. And it was literally the best empanada I have every eaten. SO  GOOD! I wish you couldve tried it. 

But anyway that was the trip. After that we prepared the rest of the week for the baptism of 3 kids from the colony here by Ibarreta. But really only two got baptized because one of the girls didnt get approval from her mom. The Cano family is still doing ok. The mom still needs to go turn in all of the papers to get married.... but things have been hectic for her because a month ago her 60 year old mother discovered that she has a tumor in her chest and it is cancer. She is starting Chemo Therapy this next week... So the family has been dealing with that and the fact that celedonio still is smoking........  A lot of things are going to have to happen for them to be baptized together as a family... Keep them in your prayers. 

I had a weird dream last night where I was back at the MTC.... but it was like a situation where they let the missionaries who have 1 year go back to the MTC... well anyway I was there with my comp elder freeman and we were with my same teachers. Then when we had to go back, We ended up missing the bus back to Argentina. So we ended up just hanging out in the MTC and they reassigned me to be an MTC teacher for the rest of my mission. I remember being so mad that I couldnt go back to Argentina haha It was a weird dream!! 
But that was basically my week. Pretty basic. I want you all to have a great week, whether you are in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, or wherever! I also want to share with you a video I shared with the youth called ´´The Music of the Gospel´´. Not sure if you have seen it or not. But basically talks about being self-sufficient or spiritually independent. Watch it here:

Love you!

Corbin Keicher