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Monday, December 4, 2017

¨Uh Yeah... We Getting In The Taxi." - 12/4/17

What a memorable week! 

This past week we have been on constant divisions with the elders from Vera because Elder Carro from Argentina had multiple appointments with doctors here in Reconquista to look at his knee. Wednesday he took a soft tissue x-ray and then on thursday a knee specialist looked at the results. And it turns out that Elder Carro has a torn ACL!! jaja crazy! He supposedly tore it before the mission playing soccer but never got it diagnosed. And now, after 17 months in the mission it is really starting to bother him. So President basically told him that he cant have the surgery while he is on the mission... so he will have to go home when he wants to get operated on. The goal for him to go home is the end of next transfer(Jan27). So I havent been able to work at all with my comp elder oliva this week. I have either been with Elder Carro or Elder Bankhead from Utah.

Tuesday- We had Multi-Zona conference in Resistencia, which is 3 hours away. So we have to contract a shuttle to take us to and from Resi. We were scheduled to leave at 5:30am, So I set my watch alarm fro 4am.... and at 5:43am I wake up to the phone ringing, it was Elder Ashby.... he goes, ¨Hey where are you guys?¨ and from my bed completely startled and confused I said, ¨uh Yeah... we getting in the taxi.¨haha We totally slept through the alarm. I was so mad!! I figured out that when the watch went off, my hand was stuffed under my pillow and muffed the sound and no one heard it! Well the four of us got ready and called a taxi and got to the church we the shuttle was at 5:55am. 
But it was a great multi-Zone conference. Saw a bunch of old mission friends and a bunch of new elders/sisters that Ive never met. It is weird being on of the oldies in the mission. After the conference we went to ¨Paseo libertad¨ in resistencia which is basically a mini mall that has a Burger King! The only Burger King in the mission! It wasnt the same, but it was a little taste of the states. We took some photos. 

Wednesday- Elder Bankhead and I went to Romang, a pueblo 40 away from reconquista. We visited with the only members there who got baptised a little over a year ago. They arnt doing to well, spiritually or economically. They are struggling. We read ether 12:12 with them and talked about faith. 

Thrusday- was kinda boring because I spent most of it with Elder Carro, we were in the doctors office and didnt do any work... I did order a nativity from a place that makes wood crafts. So i odered a a wooded nativity with Lucas 2: 11 carved in it. 

Saturday- THe mission President, president Patania came to recnoquista because he presided yesturday in the district conference and he held our regular interviews in the morning. I had a good interview with him.. we talked about the work and the branch here in recon. We also talked about a big public event we want to do here in the plaza in downtown reconquista. I told him that I wouldnt have a problem staying in reconquista... and he asked me if I wanted to train a new zone leader... so im knot sure what exaclty will happen but I think I will be staying here from awhile.. 

Sunday- Yesturday was AWESOME! there were 150 memeber from the 3 branches of the district. I directed the choir which was made up of half members and half missionaries. We sang ´´Childs Prayer´´ to start and then ended with ´´Hark the Harold Angels Sing´´. It actaully turned out really nice.. and president Patania said that he wants our zone to sing that from the christmas conference on the 12th. The Ortiz family came to the conference! they are awesome! They are just your golden Investigator. I wasnt able to meet with them this week with divisions, but Sunday I took a picture with them after the meeting. They are scheduled to be baptised on the 23rd of December. Keep them in your prayers as the mom has to kick the cigerett and the dad has to drop the Bottles! 

We also found out this week that one of the Young women in the branch, who is going to the temple with the branch to do baptisms, doesnt have any records in the church. She is 13 and the branch president and the mission president think that her records never got filed to salt lake. And basically there is no proof that she is a member.... so we are going to have to baptise her this week, but do it in a low key, kinda private way, because she is a fully active member... but according to the records, she isnt. So we will technically  have a baptism this week. kinda wierd. 

This month we have alot of fun this planned. On the 12th, we have a chrsitmas conference in Resistencia with half the mission. On the 17th, we talked to the city council of reconquisdta and reserved the stage in the main plaza in downtown reonquista and will be doing a #LightTheWorld event similar to what the church did in Buenos Aires...
We are really excited but we will have to do a lot of planning and organizing to do it well. 

But that is it from me this week. I havent seen the christmas devotional yet, but I´ll see if the zone wants to watch it tonight for district meeting. I hope you all have a great week. We were able to complete with Day 2 of #LightTheWorld because as Elder BankHead and I were going back to the appartment, we saw a member walking home from work. His name is Eziquiel, he works as a secerity gaurd in Avellaneda. I was confused to why he was walking, he said that his motorcycle broke and had to walk. Well Avellaneda is an hora and a half hour walk, 3 hour round trip. He looked beat and tired, so we gave him some of our ice cold grapefruit soda we had just bought and he went on his way. Day 2 was to give water to someone who was thursty. I hope you can all have fun with the lighttheworld initiative and do some good this month. I hope you all have a great week! 

Corbin Keicher

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Netafim in Recon? 11/21/2017

Hows it going all!

Well this week was FILLED with a bunch of fun activities and a lot of success. In the begining of the week, we went to  a school in Reconquista because an English teacher named Julio stopped me in the street a couple weeks ago and asked me to go and present myself to his students and share with them the american culture. So we went and it was super fun. I basically just talked to them for 25 minutes and explained who we were, why we are here, and I explained a couple cultural differences between the states and Argentina. It was super fun and they seemed super intriged. But being in their school made me feel so grateful for the type of education i got at legend, even though there are always things to improve on.... the resources are there and was honestly privledged in comparasion to the type of school I visited. 
The class i visited. They would be the equivalant of juniors and senors in high school in the states.    

 We also had a really fun activity Friday night that turned out not exactly how w because there were more investigators than members at the activity. haha There were 4 investigators, 3 members, and 4 missionaries. But it was still super fun. We did a scavanger hunt for a tresure chest. We hid 10 clues all around the church property. There were 2 groups and they had to race to find the tresure. In the tresure chest, we put  all the spiritual tresures that we need to value, The sacrament, temple, book of mormon/biblia, prayer, mondern day prophets, etc. and I also bought 12 alfajores to put in because there needed to be a temporal tresure as well haha. We were a little disappointed with the turn out of members but the good thing was that the investigators didnt mind and had a good time. 

Yesturday, we went with the preisthood to ``puerto`` which is 15 minutes from reconquista for their fishing activity. That was super fun. Unfortunatly we are allowed to fish in the mission, or be in a boat. When we got there, all the of preisthood, crossed this small part to go fish from the island because there was a lot more space to fish. So we had to stay on the other side but luckily, 3 guys stayed with us and we went to a different part to fish. Also in puerto, there are a bunch of abandened ships, there was this really old/rutsy one that we went and explored. I took some cool photos on that. But after returning back to reconquista, we learned that every cyber was closed because of some holiday... and the church has been without internet for 5 days because someone forgot to pay the bill so the internet got cut. SO not sure how much longer we will be without internet. So thats why I am emailing today. 
Abandoned ship we explored    

The boat you take to the other side. Literally like 50 yard/30 second boat ride.     

Elder Oliva and I on the shore of the river    

 My comp elder Oliva needs to get a root canal, so we went to the dentist last wednesday, and we walked into his office and on his wall he has a huge painting of the maroon bells in the rocky mountains. So I took a picture and the dentist was like, ¨you like the painting?¨ and I explained to him that that mountain is where I live... close to my house. 
The Dentist office and Maroon Bells painting

And then you wont believe what I found this week. We were walking back from lunch. and as we were walking I was casually looking at a group of buildings we were passing, when saw a building that was a tractor/farm supply warehouse. Well on this warehouse was a NETAFIM ¨drip irrigation¨ sign. I stop walking and just stared at the sign for like 15 seconds. My comp was like, ¨what is it?¨ haha I went and entered the building and asked a group of three guys that were seated there, ¨Do you guys sell netafim.¨ The fattest guy look at me and arrogantly said, ¨we used to but not anymore, its too expensive.¨ I pulled out my leatherman that has the netafim logo on it and explained to them that my dad works for netafim. THen the fat guy kept talking about how expensive netafim is and that it would take 12 years to start seeing benefits.... blah blah blah. I left and took a picture with the sign and then we left. But who wouldve thought that there was netafim in Reconquista Argentina... well there used to be.


To update you all on out investigators, this week Luciana and Eugenino Ortiz attened church, this time with their 13 year old daughter antonella. We learned this week that they are Married!!!! so now we are going to put some goals with them  and teach the word of wisdom and see how they progress. Also Alejandra and carlos attened church as well and they are doing well. We learned that Carlos is married to another woman and will have to get divorced in order to get baptised. And here ethat process takes a ong time... 3 months with lawyer or 2 years without lawyer. And I am not sure they will be able to affored a lawyer. So we will continue working with them but for now things with them wont be as fast as one would want. 

But that was my week. I hope you all have a great week. Read ether 12, I studied that chapter this week and loved it. Lots of things to take from the chapter about faith. 

Elder Keicher

Argentines playing soccer

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Progress in Reconquista 11/13/2017

Well how is everyone? 

Well we had a great 1st week to the transfer this past week. The most successful since arriving here in Reconquista. I am excited to work with Elder Oliva(my new comp) from Cordaba because he is a hard worker. Super focused, and because of this, we were able to really see some progress this week. Alejandra and Carlos(50years old) are a couple that we have been visiting with, where Alejandra is an inactive member and Carlos is her unofficial spouse of 4 years. Well we had 2 really solid lessons this week with them. We got put into contact with them about a month ago because they were going through a really tough time economically. This week on Tuesday they told us in our lesson that things were starting to improve, but when we returned Thursday, they were super frustrated and worried and overwhelmed because they were just spent physically and mentally with all the economic worries and problems. Well, Thursdays lesson was super spiritual and in the end Carlos offered his first prayer outloud. At the end they both were in tears and the spirit was felt so strong. Well the next day(friday) Carlos got offered a full time job with a construction company and they both came to church Sunday, Carlos for the first time and Alejandra for the first time in 25 years. They stayed for all three hours and were also able to meet with the branch president(pres Borda). 

Also Sunday, we had Luciana and Eugenio attend church. That is another cool story. We just started teaching them 10 days ago.  Friday we did some service in their house where we hauled dirt in wheelbarrows into the back yard. They don't have a phone but we invited them to go to church then on Friday. Well, fast forward to Sunday, we were getting ready for church and at 8:25am there was a knock at the door. I thought it was Brother Patroli(Sunday school teacher) because he sometimes stops by Sunday mornings to grab our church key to open the church. But I opened the door and it was Luciana and Eugenio on their moto. It was the first time in my mission that an investigator came to our house to pick US up for church haha. So we had those 4 people in church Sunday and we are excited to continue teaching them this week. We still have to figure out if they are married to other people and see what word of wisdom problems they have before we can think about putting a baptismal date with them. So we are there with our investigators.

Doing service for Luciana and Eugenio

Nothing to exciting happened this week. I attached a picture of what looks like the sky, but if you look closely you will see a bunch of black dots. Well those black dots are spiders, we were walking and we came across a massive spider web with a bunch of evil spiders. Kinda nasty.  
The spider web
A spider

The branch here is also going to head over to Puerto this next monday for a fishing activity. We are 15 minutes from the paranà river which is a pretty large river that seperates the provencies Santa Fe and Corrientes. So I am looking forward to that. Then here in 2 weeks, Lucas( recent convert) is going to take us to the air force base.... it will be SUPER sweet to get into and see an Argentina military base. Let Trump know that if he needs any details on Argentina military strategies, he can let me know. But thats it from me. I hope you enjoy your week and remember to study the scriptures, say your prayers, and live after the manner of happiness. Love ya!! 

Elder Corbin Keicher

A pic from today, cool big painting in centro
Our district