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Friday, August 18, 2017

Milagros y New Area

Well it happened! The Cano Familiy got baptized! Wooh-Hoo! It was a very busy week. We had a lesson with them Tuesday night with one of the members and all we did was go around the circle and shared our testimonies. Fabiana cried as usual and then when we got to celedonio he expressed a couple doubts that he had... one concerning the necessity of being baptized when he was already baptized as a kid in the Catholic church(which we had already explained 3 times prior). We then told him that if he wanted to get baptized with his familiy, he would have to stop smoking that instant and never go back.I challenged him to go into the house and give me all his cigarretes. But he expressed that he wasnt ready and didnt want to.... So wednesday, the 3 got interviewed, Fabiana, Damian, Antonella. And I wasnt there for it cause I was in Las Lomitas in divisions but the Elder that interviewed them said that in the prayer that Antonella did, she asked that her dad would be able ¨to make this convent some day¨. Antonella is 11 and is a rock star. I was so happy Saturday, the day of their baptism. It had been a long journey to get to that day, 5 months in the making since the initial contact 3/3/17. But they overcame the obstacles. 

The 3 Canos that got baptized

After the baptism, we had a party for them with all the members. There were like 45 people who came to the baptism. And I brought my speaker and we played music and ate empanadas and cake. It was a super sweet end to my time in Ibarreta. 

baptism/wedding cake

Sunday night the branch threw a go-away party for me and we drank hot chocolate and took pictures. It was so bittersweet. I will miss all the people in Ibarreta so much. Especially the youth. They are so awesome and helped us out all the time. 
- pic with ¨fama¨ the guy that takes us to potrillo    
District president Fernandez and his wife, they made us lunch every sunday    
El Aleph, my favorite restaurant that  is in Juarez    

The people in the Colony right after church    

Oriana and Lidia made me a goodbye cake     

Some of the members  in Ibarreta at my goodbye party    

Leaving my ibarreta house    

But I got transferred exactly where I wanted to go. The nicest area of the mission in my opinion. Reconquista, Santa Fe. The city has lite and paved  streets which is a luxery. The sisters in our Zone obviously get the nicest parts, and I really havent gotten to know the area yet. There are 6 sisters and 4 other elders in our zone. and 2 of those sisters are fresh in training and 1 elder is fresh into training. It will be interesting.
 I left Ibarreta yesterday at 2 and it was super weird because I had to travel by myself in the bus for 8 hours without a companion. But it was nice to have alone time. I got to resistencia at 8:30pm and Elder Souza got on the bus and we went to Reconquista together, and you know what??? the Bus played Star Wars Episode 7... the first time i have ever seen star wars in my life. It was actually pretty sad because Han Solo died and I thought he was suppose to be like a really important actor in the star wars movies.... but I didnt understand all of the stuff because I have seen the first 6 movies. But still super awesome! 
In the bus alone    

Elder Souza is from sao paulo, Brasil. He has been in this area for 2 transfers and has been i nthe mission for 18 months. He leaves in January. He is super cool and I look forward to being with him. The apartment here in Ronconquista is one of the only apartments in the mission that has a MICROWAVE. Oh Yeah! So I will be able to use that! The apartment is a lot nicer that ibarretas. I am super excited to work and get to know the area. We already had lunch with one of the families here and they seem super cool and nice. 
Elder Souza and I     

But yeah that is basically all the details I got. I will be sending pictures next week of the area so you can see what it looks like. I hope y´all have a great week. 

Work hard, play hard, worship hard. Love you. 


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