Monday, July 10, 2017

New President 7/10/2017

Well we have arrived to the biggest week of the year... And I got mackenzies groomsmen tie so I will be rocking the crap out of that tie on thursday and  I will be sure to take pictures with it on as well!! But this week was fun. The biggest event was our leadership council we had in Resistencia Thursday. It was my first time meeting President Patanía who is from Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires. He is suprizingly tall and has a pretty different personality than pres. Franco. He is a lot more buisness like and teaches in a different way. But I like him. We will have our interviews with him Wednesday at our multi-zone conference. On our way back from Resistencia, we got stranded in the capital of Formosa but cause the buses were all full. So we spent the night with some other zone leaders and then left really early the next morning(Friday) to go back to Ibarreta. While in resistencia though, I asked the office about the birth certificate of Celedonio(our investigator) and it STILL hasnt arrived. So if it is not there by wednesday, I will have the office order it again. 

This weekend it rained for the first time in like 4 weeks. And Sunday was the 9th of july which is Argentine independence day. So we had 11 people in church. But the sun came out and by the time we went to the colony to do church in the afternoon, it was really clear and warm. And we had 31 people at church in the colony. That was awesome for us because usually there are 13 at church in the colony. 

A member giving a talk in his muddy boats from the pulpit 

Pic with a toddler from the colony outside of the church building in the colony 

But honestly that was my week. Nothing really happened to note. Sorry for the short email, I think this is my shortest email since I began.  I can't wait to spend next 4th of July with you guys. My 4th was actually pretty fun. We had a "Meet the Mormons" movie night in the church and made salty and sweet popcorn with soda and cookies. It was actually pretty fun!

I hope the wedding turns out like Mackenzie wants it.  enjoy! Love you all and hope Thursday is incredible! 

Corbin Keicher