Monday, August 29, 2016

Breast Feeding on a Motorcycle

Hola Familia,

I got to break out my boots yesterday and today. Its been raining since it started raining after church yesterday. And more than half the streets are dirt so that just turns to mud. But things are just going as normal here. Every day is different and the same all at once. We do the same things and go and visit people and contact and walk and pretty much have the same schedule everyday. But the rollercoaster of emotions is what makes everyday different. I was just looking back at my journal entries from the past week and it follows a good day/bad day pattern. Its actually kind of funny to look at. But it is so true. Somedays i can see progress and feel good and some days its a battle to get through. And most of it is my understanding of whats going on. Seeing progression and understanding of the language is very difficult at this stage so I just feel stagnant. But I loved something I read the other day in Alma 32 28-43 which is when Alma compares understanding and comprehending the spirit to a seed. And I really enjoyed that and I "likenned the scriptures unto myself" and applied that to my comprehension of spanish. Everyday I need to nurture my seed and one day it will grow into a tree. The work here in my area of Argentina is interesting. It is just weird to see how the church is different in a different part of the world. Yesterday we had 54 people at church which according to Elder Butler was the most he had seen in that branch in the 3 months he has been here. But I am doing the "my first 12 weeks" trainning and some stuff we just cant apply because it's Argentina. We dont have ward mission leaders or Ward Council or anything. Elder Butler and I just meet with the branch presedency once a week and do like a little coorilation meeting. And anothering thing that is hard to apply is working with members, cause there isnt that many members. But the members here are way cool.

I didnt take that many pictures this week... Oops... Ill take some more this week. I am going to take a picture of all the freaking trash here. People here just throw trash everywhere. Its disgusting. A couple culter things that I dont think I have noted yet was all the freaking Motorcyles here. Everyone rides "motos". And the things people can do on them I never knew was possible. Just a few.... Drive their family of 5 on a moto, Breast feed on a moto, Carry roofing material on a moto, etc. It is just different to see. We have a dog that follows E Butler and I around when we walk. We named him Mr. Tummnes. Just a stray dog. Thats another thing.... dogs outnumber people here 5-1. But this dog will follow us literally everywhere. he even trys to follow us in markets. But it turned ugly when we went to a appointment with a lady we had contacted a couple weeks ago and all the dogs in this neighbor hood just attacked Mr. Tummnes. And it actually was effecting our lesson cause we couldnt even start for 10 minutes cause it was SO loud with dogs barking. Finally Mr. Tummnes left and we could have a little lesson. But we just sat there and watched various dogs attack Mr. Tummnes. Unfortunately Mr. Tummnes hasnt followed us since that incident. Thats about as exciting as it got this week. We got a refrence for a guy who lives in our area and we went and talked to him and apparently he has been going to church in Resistencia with his friend for a year. He even was apart of the ward choir. But he hasnt been baptised. So we were talking and Elder Butler asked him if he would be baptised and he said that he would like too but that he wanted his friend to baptise him.... who just left on a mission..... so he would have to wait 2 years. Soooo we will have to talk to him about not waiting two years cause thats a long time. But he left for Buenos Ares and wont be back for another couple days. 

The food isnt anything crazy to take note of... at least I dont think. Its just normal food. Just cooked and presented a little differently. But I have yet to eat Argentinan BBQ which i have only heard great things from. All my clothes are in great shape. I havent bought any souviners yet but I will get a futbol jersey soon. And I will have to get a Mate(mah-tay) cup cause thats all people drink here. Our Lunch calender looks pretty good. We have average 3 lunches a week which is pretty good. But I think transfers are in 2 weeks cause we just started week 5. But I will most likely stay here with E Butler. I dont know really if I want to stay or go. My area is actaully quite big so I wouldnt mine going to a smaller one but I dont really know what other areas are like. So I really dont have an opinion. 

Anyway I loved hearing from all of you. Looks like all is going well and you are all keeping busy... which is good. The house looks beautiful. Like always keep me updated. I love you all. Tenga una buena semana!

Elder Keicher