Monday, October 3, 2016

McD's & Confrence WOAH!

Hey Fam,

Well it is always a great weekend when it is confrence weekend. And especially as a missionary. We had our own Gringo/American room to watch it in english. So that was fun. Since the time is different it started at 1pm-3pm then 5pm-7pm and then for priesthood session is was 9pm-11pm. So it was a little later night but a lot of fun. Between the 2nd session and the priesthood session on Saturday, 12 of us missionaries went to a place called "Pizza Libre" for dinner where it was 70 pesos for all you can eat pizza. It was a lot of fun. I put some photos for you to put on the blog for that. As far as what I liked from conference I'll put my highlight real of quotes that I took note of:

-God isnt an Almighty REF that is looking for any excuse to through us out of the game. 

-The Lords process of learning for us is timeless. 

-People usually want the results of Doctrine but not the Doctrine itself. 

-Joy has little to do with our circumstances but rather with our focus. 

-If you decide the chruch and gospel of Jesus Christ isnt for you...Where the freak will you go?(not a direct quote)

-If you dont seek Christ in your heart and in your secret places, then dont go seek Him in vain at church and in the public eye.
-No struggle is out of the reach of the Atonement.

-Sell your TOY for Eternity through the Atonement. 

Those were what caught my attention while watching confrence. And it was actually really cool at the begining of the confrence when Pres. Henry B. Eyring said "We welcome those watching in countries throughout the world". It was cool cause that applied to me. And it was funny because in our American room, one of the Elders brought an American Flag and hung it up. And in between sessions one of the latino elders came in and said that there were some members that didn't like that we had an American flag up cause they thought we ere mocking them. I just thought that was funny because if somebody in America told somebody else to take their country's flag down, they would be tagged as a racist and arrested.

 But any way, earlier in the week we went on divisions with the zone leaders and this time Elder Regan came to Fontana (my area). It was a lot of fun and he gave me a lot of great advice for learning the language. I think it gave me a good perspective. But like I said it was my first time leading someone in my area because usually I just follow E'Butler. So for the first two hours E'Regan and I were pretty lost cause I didnt know where exactly where a house was. Then some of our appointments fell through so we didnt do squat that evening (because we transfer at lunch and then switch back at lunch the next day). But I am glad that I got to stay in Fontana because E'Butler and E'Trumbo returned to their area to find a scorpine in the apartment. Haha I didnt even know there were scorpines here. So I got the benefit of missing out on that.

 OH! and today was a BEAUTIFUL day because we went to this nice Mall they just recently opened up just outside of Resistencia and we ate McDonalds! It was so nice. I havent had fries since early June! So that was cool. I got a Triple Mac which is a BigMac with 3 patties. And the mall was playing Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift and other modern music. I got to go around and look at cool stuff for like 2 hours. It was a tender mercy. I took a picture with a sweet Nike Windbreaker I found in one of the stores. So that was my week, super fun and exciting. I hope I can continue to work hard and progress. I am just scared of getting stagnant in the language or the work. I think thats why they do division and transfers so that you dont get too comfortable. I am going to force my companion to speak only in Spanish with me when we leave the apartment and during the studies. It will be hard but I just need to make a statement. I cant wait for a latino comp to learn spanish. So thats what I am going to do. I love you all and hope you all will go back and read the words of the apostles and leaders of the church. I hope you have a great week. 



E' Corbin Keicher