Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Transfer...

Well we had TRANSFERS

To start I will just fill in on what happened. Elder Urquidi got transferred to Italia Sur in Formosa and Elder Freeman came from Las Lomitas to be my new companion. He has one less transfer than me and is from Oregon. Super cool kid and very smart. Also, Elder White came from the office and replaced Elder Carrizales in Est. del Campo. I will attach the transfer paper that shows where everyone is and you can look at that. It was tough to see Elder Carrizales go. He is such a cool guy and super fun to be around.

So this week was pretty normal. We finished the transfer without the Cano family getting baptized but things are lining up for their baptism this Saturday. The problem is that they are not married like I have already mentioned and in order to get married here you have to present your original birth certificate. And for the dad (celidonio) he is getting his sent from Salta, ARG and that should be getting here in three days. So if that all works out they will get married on Friday and Saturday will get baptized. So we are going to work towards that. Funny experience, the mom and daughters came to church Sunday where the branch president announced that we would be having branch council that night and also a good-bye party for the missionaries that were leaving. So Fabina Cano (the mom) came and ended up being in the branch council/. And when we got to talking about our investigators, Fabiana just butted in and explained what they needed to do to get baptized... haha she is awesome. Then right after the branch council we had the good-bye party with the branch and also with Elder Carrizales and Elder Moreira. We drank hot chocolate and ate pastries and took a lot of photos. I will attach pics of that.

Elder Urquidi got really sick on Saturday from a Lasagna we made on friday. So we had to spend all day Saturday in the house so it was kinda boring. But really nothing too crazy happened... We cleaned and organized our house sooooooooo much yesterday when Elder Freeman showed up. It is so nice to have a little change up. We will be traveling to Resistencia next week for leadership council because this Thursday is the Argentina Independence day. But that was the extent of my weekly experience.

You all sound great. I hope the planning keeps going well for the wedding. The backyard looks amazing. I hope Spencer's dad recovers... scary! But thats what I got.... love you fam!! Have a great week!

Corbin Keicher

ps: we have really bad internet and don't have enough time to upload all of them  

704- photo at the goodbye party