Saturday, December 3, 2016

I Have a Dream

Hey Fam,

This week was pretty fun! Nothing too crazy. I had my first dreams this week where i have been a missionary or in the mission field haha. Before this all my dreams took place home or with you guys. But like 3 days ago I had my first dream where I was a missionary. And it was weird. I was at the Temple in Paragauy...weird  i know. But basically what happened in the dream is I walked into the temple and the power went out. And we were just talking to the guy at the front desk of the temple but it was dark and they were talking in spanish and i didnt understand what was going on.... then I woke up. It was very odd and that is basically all that happened. And then I had another dream last night that I was missionary but I was home with my friends. And I felt so weird cause in the dream i was a missionary but with all my friends at home and they were on their phones, and clash of clans, and normal things going on around me haha... really weird. 

But anyway, I went on divsions this week with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Regan. He has been my zone leader since I got here. It was fun and I laerned somethings from him. He has 8 months left in the mission. 
Thanksgiving looked liked a lot of fun. I ate at a members house on thanksgiving and I took a picture of what I ate on thanksgiving. haha nothing compared to you guys. I am trying to find the pictures I took this week but they are hidden in some folders so i am trying to look for those. But really nothing to crazy or noteable happened this week. Just casual missionary life. But things will be fun this wek. this is the last week of this transfer, so I am probably going to be leaving... maybe you never know. And I have to go do "Tramites" on wednesday and thursday which is basically just doing to do paper work to obtain your government ID card. I will have to go various times in this first year before I actually get it. So that will be interesting. Then like I said we find out our future on Sunday night. So next week my P-day will be on Tuesday. Today is a holiday in Argentina so a lot of places are closed. But we went to the mall to eat McDonalds and it was all decorated in Christmas with a huge tree. Made me feel Trunky haha. But not too bad.

This month of December the church has the christmas initative of #LighttheWorld or #IluminaElMundo . Which is just the challenege to do small or big acts of kindness for someone everyday of the month of the December. The video is out too for you guys to watch. It is sweet. I recommend you all watch it if you haven't.

Macquel asked me if I was reading "Jesus the Christ" in spanish or English. and my answer is neither. I am reading it in Talmage Reformed English. Its the 3rd language I am studying on the mission. Actually kinda hard to understand hahaha but its really good. 

But I cant wait to talk to you all in one month. Super close. Sounds like mom is going to be working on Christmas so we might have to talk the day after christmas. But anyway... sorry for the uneventful email haha I'll try to write down experiences each day to share with you all in my emails.

 I hope you all enjoy you week. Love ya!!
 Elder Corbin Keicher

(love his "kiss face" haha)