Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Como estan CHE?

Hey Fam!!!

Happy Halloween!!! So week one in the new transfer is gone... like I said I am still chilling here in Fontana and am with Elder Gallegos. He has 2 siblings one brother and one sister. He is the oldest between the his siblings. But this week was a lot of fun. A lot of new things or change. We are still working with that family that just needs to get baptised. They are pretty much members(at church every sunday, goes to ward activities) but just need to get married. It really is just a culter thing down here that people dont usually get married. They usually only do if they are really religous. But they know thats whats stopping them and we just need talk about it more with them I guess. As far as the other work here we are finding a lot of new people. We have 2 other families we are teaching, one is pretty cathlic and the other just hasnt found a church they like yet. But the work is going well. The branch here had a branch here had a little activity Saturday during lunch. It was pretty cool and a lot of people were there. They made pizza and stuff so we were there eatting that. I didnt take a whole lot of pictures this week. Just one at the activity, one with E' Gallegos at the mall today, one with the PACE SALSA, and one of some guys installing our air conditioning. 

The Air Conditioning in our apartment was installed last wednesday I believe. And it was actually frustrating because the guy that was suppose to install it was suppose to be there at 9:30am.... but didnt end up showing up until 12:30pm. Then he had to take the AC unit back into Central to clean it and didnt come back until 3:30pm and finished installing by 5:15pm. And so we didnt get to leave our apartment that day untit 5:30pm. It was rough. But we have AC now which is nice. 

I did get the 2 packages mom sent. Freaking awesome. I loved the salsa, chips, garlic potatoes, candy, jerky, the magazine, the tool, and other stuff in it. I let E' Gallegos try some sour patch and he did NOT like it haha. Way too sour for him haha. Same with the salsa..... too spicy. But it was nice getting that. Not too much to report this week. My first week with all spanish was fun. Kinda frusterating but it is better that way. I was reminded of a quote this week from the MTC which said something like "There is no growth in the comfortzone and no comfort in the growth zone". Something likke that. I am enjoying getting to meet all the new and different missionaries. All have different experiences and time in the mission so it is fun to see missionaries at different points in the mission. Anyways, I will go for now. Love you all and hope you all have a great week!! 

Con Amor,

E' Corbin Keicher

ps E' Gallegos chose the subject of this email haha