Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Salsa Party!! Week 2 in the MTC

Hello Fam,

Week two is in the books. It feels like I have been here for forever. I really enjoy receiving all your Dear Elder letters during the week. Its honestly nice just hearing from you guys during the week. Im jealous of the missionaries who have iPads cause they can check there email throughout the week but can only email out on their Pday. Anyway I found a solution to using the salsa. Last week I just came out of my room with the salsa a chips and went to the middle area where everyone hangsout on couches and we had a 10 person salsa party. A couple Elders went into their rooms and got their chips and salsa they had and brought them out and we all ate until the salsa was gone. It was a lot of fun. On Saturday, July 2nd was the stadium of fire concert at BYUs stadium so we had a devotional that night and then afterward went into the parking lot and watched the firework show form it. It was fun but kinda of a lame firework show. 

Anyways this past week has been another roller coaster. Ive strangely enough grown to like running during exercise time. I try to run a mile every exercise time. It relieves a lot of stress. After I run I like to go to these certain stationary bikes that have a nice view of the mountains. Its fun to just sit there and watch the cars drive by. My companions are still weird. But im starting to get use to it so its not too bad. After dinner one night we were back in our classroom and Morris wasnt settling down into study and I really didnt want to put up with it for the rest of our study time for that night so i said a prayer. after wards I remembered that there was a mormon message out by Jeffrey R Holland that I hadnt seen yet so I went to the computer and pulled it up and told every one to sit down and I played it. We then talked about it after wards for like 40 minutes and then I got to finish my study time after that in peace. The language is coming slowly. As of yesterday My companionship and I have taught 9 lessons. Two of those was to members. The member lessons we give are fun because I dont feel as much pressure. But its been frustrating because Elder Phillips never says a word the whole time. It is just Elder Morris and I talking. And everytime we try to tell Elder phillips that he needs to participate he yells at us. So its been hard to get him involved. But it was funny because we had a 70ish year old lady as one of our member lessions and at the end she looked to elder phillips and was like, "Are you going to say anything?" He just sat there and said that he has only been studying spanish for 2 weeks and I was just sitting there like "yeah same bro.". But I didnt actually say that obviously. Then after our lesson our teacher(who can watch and listen to our lessons through a camera) told him he needed to start participating. So it was nice someone of "authority" tell him to participate. 

So I did see Clint on Saturday because during out devotional for the4of July, they had missionaries carry flags in from everywhere missionaries were going and Clint was carrying the American flag. So I got to see him but didnt get to talk to him. I did receive my CTR clothes and all my clothes are fine. 

The devotionals here are my favorite part about being here. Last night, a guy by the name of Marlin K Jensen of the emeritus seventy spoke (not sure what emeritus means). But it was awesome. He posed a question that i loved he asked, "How do you get from a partical of faith to exceedingly great faith?" He then answered his own question with Alma 32:27-29. He then continued to say that "...our faith right now has a shelf life. Make sure you continuely work towards building your faith." He then related it to missionary work saying, "Faith cannot override a persons agency." I just thought that was cool and found it interesting. I took a video of my residence so hopefully I can get that posted on Drop box. 

I honestly just want to go to Argentina now. I dont feel ready but I dont think I will every feel ready to be thrown into a foreign country so i just want to get started. But time will pass and I will get there eventually. I just hope I can learn as much as I can and overcome the distractions. I love reading the Book of Mormon every day. Its not something i every really did every day before and my personal study time is kind of like my exercise time. A time for me to relax. 
I hope everyone is doing fine. I love you all and hope you have an awesome July. OH! a missionary in my district, Elder Hannah told me today that there is an Argentina restaurant in Bosie that is ran by a guy from resistencia and said that there is really good empinadas there. Maybe check that out if you can, I might have the name of it next week for you. Anyway enjoy your week and know that i am thinking of you all. ETTE


Elder Corbin Keicher

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