Monday, August 22, 2016

My First Kiss!

Hey Fam,

YA! I was with Elder Trumbo Wednesday for exchanges and we went to visit a lady and she came to the fence and let us in to talk. And usually here you just shake hands like normal. But this lady stuck her hand out to shake and so I shook her hand and then she went and gave me like a cheek kiss on both my cheeks. It was so weird. Its what Jimmy Fallon does everytime when a guest comes onto the show. But it was just really weird. Pretty sure that is against the rules. I just felt awkward. But Elder Trumbo was just unphased. Afterwards he was like "yeah that happens sometimes, its weird". But it was cool to be with Elder Trumbo. He leaves in Octber so I got to fill him in on what has been happening the past two years. He is from Southern California. He just talked to me about the mission and gave me some good advice and also talked about how his parents are going to come pick him up and he was talking about how he was going to take them around the mission for 2ish days before he flys back to the states. But yeah he was trunky. 
This week was pretty tranquilo. We had a multi-zone meeting on Tuesday so that was fun. We were at the mission office in Resistencia all day. I got to see two Elders from my MTC zone there so that was cool to talk to them. But I really liked the multi-zone meeting even though I didnt really understand what they were talking about it was still fun. Today Elder Butler and I went to Wal-Mart. There are only 2 wal-marts in the mission and one of them is right outside our area. So we went there and I bought some stuff that isn't found in Fontana. I got like sausages and other various meats, and some club crackers. But it was a little different than walmarts in the states. I had to show a copy of my pass port to use my debit card. But anyway it has actually been pretty cold the past couple days here. The first part of the week it was freaking humid and the past 3 days we have been using a little space heater in our room at night. And our hot water is still broken so showers are still ice cold. But one of our investigators (Pablo) is coming by today to look at the shower head cause he is a electrician. So hopefully that gets fixed. This investigator, Pablo, and his family are for sure getting baptised. The only thing stopping them is getting married. Him and his.....partner? I'll just call her his wife have been together for 15 years now and they have 2 boys. One is Augusten who is 12 and the other I forget his name but he is like 6. But they just never got married which is actually like the culter here. No-one is married. But they are trying to get married right now. They have to go to like an office in Resistencia and schudule a date to get married. So once they do that they will get baptised. They are a really cool family. We had a lesson last night with them and Pablo was talking and most of the time, I dont understand what is being said so I just sit there and look interested. But I usually can kind of tell what is being said. And Pablo was talking and I could tell he was talking about me but i didnt know what he was saying. I felt kind of awkward so I just smiled. But after the lesson I asked Elder Butler what he was saying about me and apparently Pablo was like "I wish he (me) could understand what im saying cause I am speaking from my heart." So that pretty much sums up the mission so far haha. But it is what it is. 

Saturday we had a lunch appointment and we showed up to the members house at 12 and the lady told us she needed 30 more minutes to clean and finish cooking. So Elder Butler and I went and took pictures. Cause here during the siesta (12pm-430pm) noone will talk to you. That is when we eat lunch and then do companionship study. So I got some cool pictures this week. And I took pictures of the kitchen and bathroom haha and there is a picture of Elder Regan who was with Elder Butler on exchanges. And as far as money. I'll be fine. We come to the city every P-day and I buy a lot of food for the week here and then in Fontana I can buy bread milk and other stuff. But I try to only use my card in Resistencia because I trust it there. I dont trust using my card in Fontana and most places are just little markets or stores in people's houses and they only take cash. But I manage my money well. We take all of our money out in cash at the begining of the month just because cash is the way people live here. Its just not as advanced down here. Cash is the primary source of buying things. Anyway Elder Butlers parents dont have Facebook. But we are getting along. He isnt the biggest talker but thats fine. As far as water, every apartment has a water filter hooked up to the sink so I fill my water bottle up each day. And members serve water usually for meals. I havent got the missionary package yet. Ill let you know when I do. And as far as crime goes i'm not sure. I've talked to Elder Butler and he said he has never been robbed and on exchanges I was with Elder Trumbo and he said he has never been robbed either and he goes home in October. But Trumbo just said that you just need to have street smarts and you'll be fine. So I think I'll be alright. I feel safe. I might buy a backpack because all the other missionaries have backpacks here. So i might do that. The one thing that I was thinking that I want is a calendar. I want a 2017 calendar and 2018 calendar. So thats the only thing I can think of that I want. 
 But anyway thats all I got for this week. I love you all so much. Chosito 

Elder Keicher

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