Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Argentine Wedding

Hey Fam,

So this week seemed a little longer with P-day changing to today. But it was a little different week. Tuesday we did service at a ladies house. We cut down some branches from trees for her with a machete so that was kinda fun. On wednesday morning we went to a wedding of a couple who was in Butlers last area. It was kinda interesting to see an Argentine wedding. It is not what they are like in the states. They are held in a goverment civil office. We were all cramped into this room and the couple were sitting at a table in the middle. One of the civil workers had a bunch of paper work and just talked for like 5 minutes. And then to make the marriage official, they signed the documents. It was kinda different. But it was still pretty cool to experience and then when they walked out of the office everyone threw rice at them. After the wedding, us missionaries that were there went back to the zone leaders apartment and Elder Trumbo gave me a needed haircut. Then Thursday morning Elder Butler woke up sick. He had diarreah and was puking. So we stayed in for the morning. He rested and I just listened to talks all morning which wasnt too bad. Then after afternoon studies we tried to go out. And we were only out for an hour and Butler was super pale... so went went back to the apartment for the rest of the evening. He called president and told him he was sick so Pres told him to rest and get some yogurt and gatoraid. And he remained somewhat sick for the next couple days but we were still able to go out and work. And I forget exactly when this happened but we were walking down the street one evening and this guy passed us on a motorcycle. Pretty normal thing. But After he passed I noticed something flew from the back of him and landed on the dirt road. I went and picked it up and found it to be his wallet. He didnt even noticed and was long gone into the night. I looked in it and first noticed how much freaking money he had in it. There was about 2000 pesos in it. Then I found the ID card in it and luckly had his address in it. We spent the next 30ish minutes trying to find where he lived, the addresses down here are so confusing. But we found it and right as we got there, we saw him leaving again. Probably to go and find his wallet. His wife was home though so we talked to her and gave it to her. She was so excited and relieved that we found it. We talked to her for a little bit and set up a time to go back and visit with them. And Saturday we did that. And it was actually a pretty good lesson. They were both there and they had some good questions. We will see if it turns into something. 

But anyway I am just excited for General Conference. Gerneral Confrence for missionaries is like a holiday. I am super stoked. We will be eatting a lot of food for sure. And then next P-day we(us and the ZL's) are going to go to McD's that recently openned up in a mail here. So I am STOKED for that. And we are going to go on divisions with the ZL's tomorrow too. So this week will be a lot of fun. 

The backyard looks insane. Way to go dad. Hopefully you can get some help. Im an doing fine. I keep finding myself just zoning out sometimes during lessons our just in conversations with natives because I think my brain just subconcciously knows that i wont be able to understand it so it just tunes it out. Somedays it is just hard to focus when people talk. And somedays I am just laser focused. Days just go through their ups and downs. I liked a scripture in 2 Nephi 4:34 i believe that talks about putting trust in the Lord. I have been sharing that with members at lunch combined with James 2:17 and 26. Faith can only exsist if we have ACTION connected with it. We have to PUT trust and EXERCISE faith. The word faith is a noun. Which makes people including myself think that all we have to do is say that we have it. Put action and to motion our faith in our thoughts, words, and actions. I love you all. I pray and hope you guys find success in you jobs, schooling, callings, and social endevours. Have an awesome week and enjoy confrence!! 

Elder Corbin Keicher

I got to use a Machete this week. Kinda of fun to just hack down branches. 

 This one is the view from right out our front door. Sometimes I just sit there and listen to Argentine kids play and talk to each other and try to understand what they are saying.

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