Monday, November 14, 2016

¿Trump Ganó? ¿Tengo una sobrina?

Hey Fam,

I have been waiting for this P-day since Wednesday afternoon. haha Thats when I found out about Trump winning. We were eatting lunch at a members house and they turned on the TV and Trump was all over the TV. And then ontop of that... at 7pm that night I got a call from President Franco. I was a little nervous when I saw that president was calling.... especially during the day. Usually when that happens, 9/10 its bad. Either you are getting emergancy transferred, or you did something wrong, or something happened back home. But it turned out to be good news and he just told me about the birth on Evelyn. I was pretty surprised because I thought she wasn't coming until thanksgiving time. But pretty awesome nevertheless. So this week has felt a little longer than the others as I have been waiting to see pictures of her and hear all of the news about everything. But I am super happy for all of you and Macquel. And it is crazy how many people here talk about trump, People see me (an American) and ask me about him and I never know what to say haha. My companion hates Trump haha. 

But anyway this week was pretty good. Nothin too crazy happened just normal missionary things. The work here in my area is slowing down and we dont have to many investigators progressing. It makes the days a little harder when you have to do a lot of contacting. But thats just how the life goes as a missionary. Right now E' Gallegos and I are working on the member list that the branch here has. We are trying to pick an area and search for "members" to see if they are actual members or if they are still alive or if they have moved. And then try to make some contacts while we are at it. But the problem is, is that the address here are so messed up. Its very difficult to understand were a certain address is just because it is so unorganized. But we are working. I am reading Jesus the Christ right now and it is soooo good. Parts are hard to understand but I have learned some cool things that I didnt know before. Right now I am at chapter 15 and 16 and it is talking about the orignal 12 apostles of Christ, who they where, and why they were called to that posistion. And the next chapter talks about the sermon on the mount. All of which I didnt have too much knowledge of because it is all in the Bible and I really have only STUDIED the book of mormon. Thats something I am excited to learn more about... the bible. I literally have an hour each day to read stuff. So once I master this language I want to read the bible cover to cover. 

Anyway, I attached some pictures of this week. One is with a little girl. I took a "selfie" with her while we were waiting for lunch. Then the other is my district right now. The other is when I found out about Trump winning the election. And the last is a meal that a member bought for us one night. They bought us a meal and brought it to our appartment. pretty good. Then in Dropbox I put 2 videos. One is of grandmas dancing to a song called "picky picky" in the plaza of centro Resistencia. And the other is me just messing around while a memeber was making us lunch. 

Also, I didnt know or feel an Earthquake so it must have been small. I dont think they get earthquake here. Probably closer is Chile and the cascades. I havent got a package yet... just the ones from Trumbos mom and the last package. But we have a big multi-zone meeting Thursday at the mission offices so if one is ther I will get it. But thats it from me this week. I loved an excerpt from 2 nephi 2:1-4 I believe, It is super good and if you put your name in these verses instead of Jacob its pretty neat. ANyway Love all. Have a great week. So happy about Evelyn. Now waiting to hear about Kamries baby. haha CHAO!!!

E' Corbin Keicher

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