Thursday, March 23, 2017

And Then There Was One

Wow!! This weeks email might be a little shorter one cause I have just been reading everyones emails. I am so happy for Mackenzie!! We got to the church today to write and just being funny I turned to the other missionaries with me and said, "I am not even going to check my email, I am just going to go to dropbox and see if there are engagment pictures there." and what did I see?? A lit up gazebo with "MARRY ME" and some "tipazo" named Spencer purposing to my sister. It is weird how the spirit of revelation works inside of that of a missionary. hahahaha no but I am super excited for both of them. There isn't anything more I would want to hear than that... And now there is one Keicher kid left. 😎  

As for the missionary work here in Ibarreta, Argentina- we have had some great progress with some of our investigators. Right now we are preparing an older lady named Isabel to be baptized this Saturday. So hopefully we will be able to get that done. And we have a great pool of investigators including a super awesome family that we have taught twice. I hope they can start to progress. So I will keep you updated on that. 

This past week we were all prepared to go to Resistencia. But right as I finished writing last week I received a call from the office saying that some papers didn't come for my comp so we didn't end up going to resistencia.... kind of a bummer but we still got to travel 4 hours to the Capital of Formosa and had a multi-zone conference with President Franco on Wednesday. We also will be moving houses this week or the next here in Ibarreta, cause the one here is just too small for 4 missionaries and the contract is up for the current one we have. 

I am super content right now as I complete 9 months on Wednesday. I have really lost track of time and I am just trying to take fully advantage of my short time here. I am learning so much and am gaining a completely different perspective of the gospel and all the specific aspects and principles. But really thats all I have for this week. 

Elder Corbin Keicher

ps: I don't have new pictures yet because this computer is having issues. But I will try to send another one later. 

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