Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Found Franklin

¿Como andan?

Hello fam! To start off this week I will begin with what happened right after we got back to our place last P-day. To explain, here in Ibarretta there are always missionaries from different parts of the zone that come here to use internet and the church here. So last week we get back to our place and find a sign posted on the bathroom door. That says, “Cuidado… Peligroso”. We were quite skeptical of what could be waiting for us inside because some Elders had just left Ibarretta to go back to their area. So we slowly opened the door to find nothing in the toilet… for some reason that was the first place we assumed the “Danger” would be awaiting us. But it was still filled with blue cleaning liquid. But there was oddly enough leafs found in the bathroom. As we surveyed some more we found, sitting in the corner of the bathroom, a live turtle about twice the size of Franklin. It was a weird and odd surprise.

But anyway, we did have a great week with our investigators. We were able to really see some progression with Rodrigo. He came to church Sunday and had a great time. He stayed for all 3 hours and listen intently the whole time. We have had like 4-5 lessons with him just this past week. And after church Sunday, he ended up coming back to the church where we watched some videos from the 12 step program on the mormon channel. We made some plans with him yesterday to quit smoking. As of right now he averages 5 cigarettes a day and drinks socially. He made a lot of improvement in the rehab facility in Buenos Aires. Before this he was in a lot of drugs and alcohol. But he is making a really huge change in his life and I am glad we are able to help him with it. We made some goals with him to be off the cigarettes by march 19, a week before his baptismal date. We also were able to have an old lady named Isabel at church with her 9 year old niece. She is super awesome and has baptism date for the 25th as well. So a lot of things are in the works but we just have to keep working hard with them.
On Sunday, we had transfer calls. I went with Elder Stock to the colony Sunday evening so we were on our way back to Ibarreta when the call came. The only change was Elder Stock, he is in Resistencia for his last transfer and the old financial secretary, Elder Higuiera, came here to Ibarreta for his last transfer in his mission. So in our little house it is still Elder Taylor, Elder Urquidi, and I. I am excited for this transfer because we have some solid baptisms lined up and General Conference is at the end of it. 

Things here in Ibarreta are just fine. To update you on old drunk man, we saw him yesterday in the market and didnt even recognize us. I saw him enter the store as we were checking out. He made eye contact with us as he walked by to shop but didnt say anything or react in anyway. Haha He didnt have a clue we had helped him out last week. But I dont have too much to say. I hope you are all doing well. Mission life is just moving a long. I love hearing from you guys though. Keep being awesome. See ya next week. 

Elder Corbin Keicher

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