Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pre-Mature Year Mark 6/5/2017

Well here we go,

Kinda reached my first real mile stone in the mission… exactly one year from right now I will be eating McD´s in the Buenos Aires airport awaiting my flight to the promise land(USA)…. Hahaha but I am not trunky… just making observations😎. We had an interesting, basically normal week. Nothing too exciting happened. Probably the most exciting part of this week was our trip to Resistencia for leadership council. It was the last council meeting with Pres. Franco before he goes…. If anyone is trunky here it has to be the mission president. But we left for Resistencia last tuesday at what was suppose to be 2pm but there was an Indian protest where they blocked the highway preventing any sort of travel. And our 2pm FlechaBus bound for Resi turned out to be a 5pm Flechabus bound for Resi. Pres. Franco invited the 2 branch president missionaries and their companions to the council meeting as well so Elders Moreira and White came with us. Thanks to the Monopoly Deal game I have, we were able to wait out the delay by playing some games of that in the bus terminal. On our way down, the Argentine ´´military´´ boarded the bus at the boarder of Formosa and Chaco and checked our iD´s. Luckly nothing transpired from that and we made it safely to Resi by 11pm. The leadership council was great and was centered on Ch.9 of Preach my Gospel, which talks about how to find new investigators. President combined that with Alma 26 which talks about Ammon and the sons of Mosiah. It was really good. Then we packed everything up for our Zone afterwards and headed back to Ibarreta. So I got the package from Mom that had the long awaited SlapChop inside. That thing is a life saver. I appreciate that thing so much and now my cooking time is literally split in half. What a luxury! But I read the list of what was suppose to be inside the package and customs took out the Popcorn seeds:(… but that is okay because I just found out that the local china market here sells popcorn seeds...(yes there are Chinese people in Argentina).

The work in our area is starting to pick up. A big focus President Franco talked about in Council meeting was how effective it is to work with Less-active families and partial families. So we have been putting a lot of effort into finding all the less-actives in Ibarreta so that we can activate them, hopefully find their unbaptized kids, and get to teaching their friends and family. I recently just got off the phone with the mission office and they are working on getting the updated birth certificate of Celedonio Cano and they said that that should be getting here within 2 weeks. So we are happy to hear this and excited to see this family enter the waters of baptism together.

Last night we were leaving a lesson with a recent convert when I completely threw out my back. As some of you may know, I have a pretty bad lower back that gets tweaked every 6 months or so. Well what happened is I bent down to put my boots on after the lesson and just felt the sharpest pain in my lower back and had to wobble back to our place. I am pretty sure it is the same exact injury that dad had about a year ago when he was working on the wall and hurt his back. It is really incredible that I have an injury like this even though I am 20 years old. But I am fully convinced that the 4 years of weight lifting with Mr. Boley of Legend High School gave me the back I have…. Too many back squats will do that to you. So now I do my studies knelled over my bed like dad was knelled over the ottoman because frankly, that is the only position that will not hurt.

But anyway, that was my week. We will be having District Conference(like stake conference but a district) this Sunday and President Franco will be coming to preside over it and give his final talk over a pulpit as a mission president. I will end my email there and I hope that you all have a great week!  

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