Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cute Puppy Almost Tic'd m

Hey Fam,

This week was fun, and humid/hot. So first off with transfers I am still here in Fontana with Elder Butler. There were some funny experiences we had this week. Last wednesday we were just walking in the street and we turned a corner. As we turned the corner I saw four 10 year old boys just going at and beating up this other 10 year boy. It was kinda funny to watch. They threw his shoes onto the roof of a building and were just bullying the kid. But I will give the kid some credit cause he got some good punches in there as well despite being out numbered 4-1. Then Thursday we went to lunch at this members house. We were just sitting outside their little house thing talking with some kids that were in the neighborhood. There was a newborn puppy that they were playing with. I wanted to pet it so Elder Butler and I picked it up. As I was holding it I noticed it wasnt as soft as I expected a newborn puppy to be. Then like 30 seconds later I looked at its skin a little closer and noticed underneith its skin was hundreds of freaking tics. I literally freaked and threw the poor puppy like 20 feet. I then franticly just started checking myself for tics, my hands, shirt, pants, pockets. It was gross. Luckly I dont have any though. 
Then Sunday in 2nd hour we were in Gospel Principles class. And this week there were just a bunch of kids in it. I really try not to say much in gospel sunday classes, cause I would just interrupt the discussion. But at the end after the closing prayer we were just sitting in this room waiting for other classes to get done. And this little girl like 11ish looked at E' Butler and was like "Does he talk?(refering to me) Is he mute". and then she looked at me and motioned with her handing, pointing at her mouth as if she was trying to sign at me asking if I could speak. I just said, "Ï can speak" inspanish. She then just got really embarresed. haah I thought It was funny. And then Last story was yesterday, we were contacting people trying to find where a certain person lived. So we approached this guy in a wheel chair and right as E' Butler said, "Hola..." The guy just started shouting with so much... anger, "Get out of here with your church of *beeb*" And then proceeded to try and chase us down in his wheel chair. I just started laughing cuase it sounded like the guy was either mentally handicap or just really hated the missionaries. E' Butler and I were just so suprised all we could do was laugh. 

Anyway, this week was hot and humid. I think I mentioned that already. Some of our investigators are just struggling to progress. It is not really frustrating but more annoying. The family that is for sure getting baptised but needs to get married are still strong. Hopefully we can get them commited to a real baptism date this week. But really we are going to try and find some new people and get some different faces to go see this week. So more contactiong. We are going to have a Branch council meeting tonight so hopefully that will get the branch here to be more unified and in union. 
I love the music Logan and Kenzie put together for me. E' Butler and I listen to it every night. I recieved I freaking packege at Zone confrence last Friday. It was the one that I think was through an Argentina missionary service. But it had MAC n CHEESE, Snickers, Oreos, Romen, cereal, and 2 reese cups. Oh and a t-shirt. so uh.. thanks mama! The only request I have is that when you send the calenders to put important dates on it. Like peoples Birthdays and maybe other dates.... whatever you want. I feel great. I am going to go weigh myself today at the farmacy to see if I have put any weight on. I didnt gain any weight in the MTC. When I left I was 155 so we will see what Argentina has done to me in the first 2 months. Shoes are great... I polished them today. 

Glad to here that the Broncos won. Thats awesome! Hope you all continue  to work hard. I love you all. Have a great week! CHO!


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