Monday, September 5, 2016

Freaking Rain

This week was a little different. First off E'Butler and I went on splits with the district leader so I went so a different area and was with an Elder named Elder Cleto. It was my first experience with a Latino missionary. It was interesting. Except EÇleto isnt a normal Latino. He is from an indigounous trib in Paraguay and had to learn spanish as a 2nd Language. His normal language is called "Nieacle" and I am not sure if it is even a language that is written because he didnt have any books or stuff written in his language. But he has been in the mission for a year and a half so he knows spanish. But it was a different experience. But the district leader, EÇletos companion is E Olivera, and he is an Argentine and is actually hilarious. He has a bunch of signs in his and E Cletos apartment that are pretty funny. He knows pretty good english too. But for lunch with E Cleto he bought 5 hamburgers for 90 pesos or $6.5 US dollers. Anyway after being with E Cleto for 24 hours it made me really apperciate having E Butler as a Companion/Trainer.  It would be so hard if I couldnt communicate with my companion. It rained ALOT this week and it was pretty cold. So we couldnt talk or have many lessons this week because when it rains here... nobody wants to do ANYTHING. Its equivalent to it snowing half a foot of snow in America. Everybody just stays home, drinks tea, and doesnt go anywhere. But we had a lesson with a guy named Herñan Saturday night and it was my best lesson. I still didnt understand much but I could understand a lot more than usual. I also talked a little more than usual and really felt the spirit throughout the whole lesson. Anyway it Sunday was also a lot of fun too. It was fast sunday and we had the Stake President in our branch. It was kinda funny though because the stake president felt like he had to have  the last word in every meeting we had. But during 3rd hour a senior couple from Buenos Aires gave a lesson on "Capilla Abiertas" or Open houses. Here they hold open houses at church buildings every once an a while and is pretty much just an oppurtunity for people to come and see what mormons are all about. Missiornaries are there and do little presentations on basic gospel principles, explain the rooms in the church and explain baptism. And then there are usually the relief society pres that talks about the relief society. But it was pretty cool. 

Oh. We were at a ladies house tuesday or something I dont quite remember but her name is Eva, and she has been meeting with the missionaries for 2 years. She was cooking some tortafrita for us and was showing us some missionaries that she is friends with on facebook. Anyway I told her to look me up and I added myself as a friend. Then like 2 days later at like 10pm she called us and told E Butler and I that she had talked and messaged Mom a little bit. Kinda  funnt, but she isnt a member just a lady who is friends with the missionaries. She is like 60 I think.

This week I we ran into a lot of people who were inactive. And it really bothered me. There was a guy that came and talked to us one day and we didnt know who he was, but we soon found out he had been baptised a little over a year ago. He went and got his BOM and he was trying to give the book of mormon back to us. He was saying "I already got baptised I dont need this anymore". and E Butler tried to explain to him that it was his and that he can still read and learn. But the guy just said, "But im catholic". He obviously didnt understand anything and whoever baptised him was just trying to baptise him instead of really teaching him the gospel and converting the guy. But I was so confused during the whole contact cause I just saw a guy smoking a cigarette and then he went into his house and came back with a BOM and had pictures of his baptism and was saying things like "| am catholic". Thankfully Butler clarified everything for me afterwards haha. 
But we had a better incounter with a less active last night in the street. It was actually kind of funny cause we were just walking at like 8:30pm in the street and this guy came up to us and introduced himself like this, "Hey Elders, Im Matrïn. I am less active". So we talked to him for a little bit. He said that he was baptised in 2002 and has been in and out of activity the whole time. He has a girlfriend right now. So I asked him if he wanted to help us with lessons. And he seemed really excited to do that. He said he didnt know why he didnt go to church anymore. So hopefully through him coming with us on lessons it will help investigators and we could teach his girlfriend or he could give us more refrences. we will see. 

But anyways I am doing fine. It has been pretty chilly and rainy here. I hope you all are doing fine. I hope Kelsey enjoys her marathon... if its even possible to enjoy running 26.2 miles. Have a great week. CHO!

Elder Keicher

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