Monday, December 12, 2016

Dad Life:)

Hello Fam!!

So like I said last week I am a dad. And it feels really weird and is like awkward deja vu!! But my companion is Elder Jakob Potts from West Jordan, UT . I picked him up from the mission office on wednesday so the monday and tuesday before that I was with Elder Maldonado from Chile! He arrived with me here in the mission. But he was a lot of fun to be with. But as for my child he is doing good. I have been reading some of my journal entries from my first week to see how I was feeling in my first week aand have been trying to just be a good trainer.  I have had the responsibility to lead all the lessons and work now which is different and a little overwhelming but this first week hasn't been too bad. It is actually fun to contact around christmas time cause usually the people here with christmas decorations up are at least willing to give you 30 seconds before rejections. And it is a little easier to pick the house to contact haha. This past week it rained all day Friday and then in the afternoon on Saturday. Then Sunday it was a great day. We had 62 people at church which is the most I have ever seen here in Fontana and that might be in part because it was the Primary program. There were 12 kids in the primary program... and it was kinda of enjoyable. The exact same as it is in the states. Kids either talk way too quiet so that you can't hear them or shout like they are King Benjamin giving his address to the people. Then today we played basketball at a church and just kind of spent time with other missionaries. Then went to subway here in Resistencia and are now writing in the usual Cyber cafe. But basketball lasted like 20 minutes cause it is just way too hot to play. But it was my first time playing basketball in the mission and as you all know I suck at basketball. It is my second worst sport behind soccer. But against latios I kind of like basketball cause I can school them. Now I know how Patrick feels when he would school me all through out high school. 

I enjoyed hearing that Kamrie had her baby and Gabe got married. Thats sooo exciting. 

The work here in fontana is a little frustrating. People just are not keeping commitments. Mostly the people who are so close to baptism. And we are kind of low on investigators. On Friday I was feeling just kind of down because we haven't had a lot of success. I opened moms package friday night and there was a ensign from the conference. I read the talk by Elder Uchtdorf from the Womens general session entitled "4th Floor l
Last Door". And boy after reading that I felt like I needed to improve. It talked about missionaries contacting an apartment complex where they didn't find success until the last floor and last door. I definitly decided that I could do better. Not that I was bad before but that I could improve. I am confident that, at least in the mission, you should not get too comfortable. There was a quote that I still remember from the MTC that said, "There is no comfort in the learning zone, and no learning in the comfort zone." We learn from being uncomfortable and doing hard things. 

I am excited to talk to you all on Christmas. I got approved from President to just corrdinate with you guys when we should talk. So I think we will do it on the 27th cause the 26th is a P-day. I heard that you guys wanted to do a confrence thing so that Logan can be apart of it sooo that will be up to you guys cause I dont have the time to figure that out. So..... we will be able to coordinate all the details for that on the 26th when I write. But you will have to make me a skype account so that I have something to log into. 

I got some pictures this week with my new bee, a turtle I found in the street and from inside a taxi. and other stuff on dropbox. I love you all and hope you enjoy your week. Love ya

               Elder Corbin Keicher

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