Thursday, December 8, 2016

I'm Going to Be a Dad!

Hey Fam!!

So pretty BIG news here. Transfers was a huge surprise for me. I recieved a call from President Franco early Sunday morning to extend a call to me to be a trainer. So I will be recieving a brand new missionary out of the MTC on Wednesday. In this group there are 6 Americans and 2 latinos (one brasilian) so it is likely that I will get a Gringo to train this transfer. That also means that I am staying in Fontana. Elder Gallegos left Monday morning and his new companion is... Elder Butler haha my trainer. Kinda weird. So I will spend my 4th transfer of my mission here in Fontana again. Which actually I am happy for because it is nice being by the mission office. And we have a mall near by to eat McDonalds. So this next transfer will be pretty interesting and fun. And earlier this past week I had "Tramites" and i dont know the exact translation for that but basically its the process to recieve my Argentine government ID card. I had to go to a local police station here in Resistencia on Wednesday morning which took like 3 hours. Then on Thursday I spent the majority of the day in Corrientes which is a different provence next to Chaco. There we spent the day pretty much in like a DMV type building.. took photos, signed papers, stuff like that. There were a couple other missionaries there with me but there was one named "Elder Nuñez" who when I saw him, I thought for like 20 seconds it was Michael Maxwell. He looked exactly like him. I was freaking out in my head and was soo confused. But then I realized it wasn't him. and He is from Chile too haha. But anyway. I also had the priviledge to spend 2 days with Elder Phillilps cause he was doing Tramites with me Wednesday and Thursday. It was interesting seeing him again since I havent seen him for 5 months. But I enjoyed all the different things and fun stuff that happened this week. A lot of sifferent Elders and the mission has a different feel to it now that I have a title and there are a lot of different elders in my Zone and district. There is one other Gringo training from my group and 2 gringos from my group that got made Zone Leaders. So my Group is growing up quickly. The mission passes quickly for sure. It feels weird that I haven't talked to you guys yet. But I am defintely excited to do so. I still haven't heard anything so far about the Christmas call. We have a Zone Meeting on Friday so I will know more maybe next P-day to tell you guys concerning that. 

Bueno, Sunday we had 4 investigators at Church which was nice. Two of them were Pablo and Augustin Boasso. This is there 10th time attending church which is a TON considering they aren't baptised yet. But its the same story with them... not married. I will plan on setting a baptism date with them this week so that they can set a goal. And that why we can work toward a date. The other 2 that attended was a mother and her son (Zuni & Ivan). They are awesome. They accepted baptism this past week but they didnt want to commit to a date because they wanted to go to church to see how they liked it. So hopefully by next week we will have 4-5 Invetigators with a baptism date. Pray for them!! 
I am super excited to be a trainer. I seriously think it will help me a lot to become a better teacher. This first 3 transfers I have had companions who knew the language better than me so sometimes I fell back on them. This transfer I am super excited to tackle this challenge. I hope I can be a good trainer! 

Well its is basically Christmas and I know we have all seen the #LighttheWorld chirstmas video on
It is a video that really brings the spirit and shows the true meaning of Christmas. I would challenge all of you to share this video on your social medias to allow everyone possible to watch and feel the true spirit of Christmas. And if you really want accompany Alam 7:11-14 with it. 

Well thats all the crazy news with transfers this week. I hope you all enjoy the freaking snow and cold, and holiday spirit haha. I'll just enjoy some 110 degree awesomeness haha. I wish Asher luck with his "little" opperation. 

I have photos in Dropbox but no videos. They take too long to upload. Maybe next week. Love you all!! 

Elder Corbin Keicher

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