Friday, January 13, 2017

Frog In A Bucket


Well another week in sweaty white shirts is in the books. Nothing too crazy... kind of a quiet week here. This is the last week of the transfer. on Sunday evening we will get a call and then monday is a normal day and Tuesday is P-day next week. Something kinda of sad happened here in Fontana on the 31st/new years eve. An inactive family lost a 11 year old girl due to a cement pillar that fell on her. Totally random and super sad. For the 6 months I have been here in Fontana I have never seen this family at church or even knew who they were. But a couple members in the branch that did know them were devastated. I tried to go find them they other day when I was on divisions but it is just so hard to find. We looked for 45 minutes but to no avail.

We struggled the first part of the week to find out investigators at home and all our appointments fell through. These past couple days we were able to find some good new investigators and find some investigators in their house. Unfortunately our investigators with a baptism date didn't make it to church. So we will just have to keep inviting and set some goals on that end. 

This past weekend I had a pretty simple spiritual experience that helped my testimony on prayer. When I started my fast this past saturday, I began the fast with a prayer and during the prayer I just felt the spirit so softly. I really felt like my prayer was being heard. Sometimes, especially as a missionary, prayers are said so often that it becomes a routine and sometimes I forget to really pray from my heart. I have noticed that the more I put into my prayers, the stronger Heavenly Father responds and testifies to my heart. 

Basically that was the week for me. A member gave us some mangos they had picked from a tree. I was super excited to try them cause I have never had the chance to eat a fresh mango before. But it ended up tasting horrible and not good at all. Anyway I love you all and hope you enjoy the snow while I bake ;)  

Elder Corbin Keicher

ps. We found a frog in out water bucket that collects water drops from out AC unit. It stayed there for like 12 hours. 

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