Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Change is a Good Thing

Hey Fam,

Big changes AGAIN this transfer this week. I AM LEAVING wooaaahhh.... and I am training again. haha so I will be picking up my next trainee tomorrow and then heading up to.... Ibarreta, Formosa. This province of Argentina is comparable to West Virgina of the states. The language is dirty and the conditions are super poor. And everytime I meet a missionary and tell them that I am going there, they just look at me and say, "Im sorry man". haha SO It will be interesting and a growing experience. Especially since I am going to a new area that neither I or my comp (obviously) knows. But anyway I am super excited to train again and I definitly learned a lot of things this past transfer. I will be traveling 8 hours in a bus tomorrow after I get my comp from the office. It will be my first real bus ride here. They play movies on the buses over the speakers so hopefully I get a good one. haha

This past week was fun. I had a feeling that I was going to leave so I made sure I got to say goodbye to the people that I was close too. On Sunday I got a call from the branch president at 8:12am asking me to give a talk that day. So I quickly reviewed somethings I studied this past week in personal study and then we went to church. At 9:41 the branch president gave me the rest of the time in the church.... soooo I got up and I actually gave the best talk I have ever given. I truely felt the gift of tounges guiding my words or I guess the spirit but it was really cool and I actually didnt have any nerves. I talked until 10:02 and it ended up being really cool. And I can credit all of it to the time I dedicate to Personal study. Thats something that I thoroughly enjoyed and have been trying to take full advantage of that hour I have each day. 

But anyway I took some photos this week. They are all on dropbox but I will attach some on this email. I took some photos with members that I loved. The one with the old guy is the guy that gave me the name "Elder Ketchup". I took a photo of the keys here cause they look like Hogwart keys and look ancient. We also had interviews this past week which was a lot of fun. The actual interview is pretty short like 10 minutes. Just a "how are things going?" "Hows your health?" "DO you have any concerns?" Then it is done. But here in July we will be getting a new president so it will be interesting to see what changes will be made. We will also be watching a world wide broadcast from salt lake on the 25 that is going to be broadcasted to all the missions in the world. They are going to be doing a little schedule changes to the missionary daily schedule and a few other things. SO that will be fun. But anyway.... I am excited to this new change. I will be writing you guys from a different place next week. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Love ya'll

Elder Corbin Keicher

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