Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Oven of Argentina

Hey Fam,

Well i am in the middle on literally nowhere!! haha but it is kinda cool. haha a lot of things for me are very different. I will go and explain somethings that happened this past week. Firstly, on Wednesday I picked up my new comp Elder Taylor from the office. He landed in Resistencia last Tuesday and he is from the Bay area in California. But crazy thing happened while we were at the office. So usually what happens when missionaries arrive in the mission field is that on Wednesday morning, they get assigned their trainers. After that we have a lunch all together and watch a mission video. But while we were eating lunch, one of the new latinos started having a seizure. It was kinda scary and weird and president Franco and Sister Franco ran in and we all left the cultural hall. But after 15 minutes he was okay and we all returned to the cultural hall to finish eating our lunch. Probably just a stress thing. But anyway, from there Elder Taylor and I left to the bus terminal to take a 6 hour bus to IBARRETA, Formosa. It was actually split up into two bus rides. a 2 and a half hour bus to Formosa Capital. then a 3 and a half hour bus to Ibarreta. So I am out here... and there isn't much. There are actually indian colonies out here that have members in them. But yes it is HOT. Usually sits around 40-43 degrees celsius. But these first 3 days, the Air Conditioning was having problems with the uneven electrical circut and for these days we couldn't use the AC at night.... and I remember I think Friday night I went to bed at 10:30pm and inside our little house it was 95 degrees. Luckly I had the little fan that mom sent me and I just set that on my chest and I had air blowing in my face all night. But we got that fixed and now we have good constant AC in the house. But Ibarreta is pretty small and a lot of dirt roads. It is a lot different but one thing that is really nice is that there is a really nice church here. It totally sticks out like a sore thumb but it is nice. I am writting from that church right now. One thing that was also kinda fun was that on the bus rides here they played movies. When we got on they were playing the end of a film with Tina Fey when she goes to like India or something as a reporter. But that was in Spanish. Then they played a movie in english but it was soo cheesy.

I got to spend sometime with Elder Potts new trainer and his name is Elder Howe. I found out that his older brother was in my ward up at Utah State last year. I thought that was cool. This week we have a world wide broadcast with Elders Bednar, Oaks, and Andersen who are going to be talking to all of the missionaries. It will happen on the 25th. So that will be fun to attend and listen too. 

It is definitely different getting thrown into a brand new area and having to train at the same time. It is difficult to have to do everything and get to know an area you have never been in. Right now I feel like my language isn't as good as it should or could be. I felt really good after being companions with Elder Gallegos cause he was a kid from Buenos Aires but now I have gone 2 months with new american missionaries and I feel like my ability to understand and communicate has diminished. But I am just pressing forward. I know that if I just do what I am supposed to do and work hard everything will be okay. 

Anyway that is basically my email for this week from FORMOSA, ARG. You all sound great. Keep pressing forward and keep true to the things that matter. 


Elder Corbin Keicher

(Photos of the little house and inside the bus)

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