Friday, April 7, 2017

Conference JAM

Hey Fam,

WOW what a great conference weekend. I absolutely loved all of it. It was great to see and listen to all the apostles talk and hear and receive revelation. My two favorite talks were Elder C. Scott Grow on coming to know God,

 and then the second was Elder Runland's on The good shepherds Love.

Those two were really powerful for me and felt like they were talking directly to me. All in all, Conference was a success. And all of us were super surprised and excited when we saw and heard mission Presidents wife, Sister Franco, get called as 2nd counselor in the Primary general presidency. We heard that she got the call from Henry B. Eyring last Tuesday that she would be receiving that calling. President said she is super nervous but is totally going to do an awesome job. But I ended up watching it in English in the family history room in the church for most of it. Some other Elders came to Ibarreta in the zone so that they could watch it in English as well. 

But this past week was good. Some disappointment with Isabel. She went again to Formosa to go to the Hospital where she got diagnosed with Pneumonia. She got back friday night and so we went by Saturday morning and she was really good. She was so much better. So we are rescheduling her baptism for next weekend. We will see if she really has the desire to be baptized. We have had some really neat contacts and people we are visiting right now. One named Cristian who used to work for Radio here. He is probably 35-40 year old man and SUPER nice. He has one kid and a wife and live a pretty humble life. But we taught him one time 2 weeks ago and then the next visit we had with him he told us about a dream he had. He said that he was being shown a city in heaven by an angel and in this city this angel was showing him these mansions. The angel told him that these mansions were being reserved for those that live a good life according to the commandments of God. So we shared a scripture in Ether that talks about how God is preparing mansions for us and to obtain these we must follow his commandments. But unfortunately we didn't have any investigators that went to the conference. With all the inviting and committing people to conference.... not one person showed up. Which is just so frustrating as a missionary, because we know that they will be blessed and will receive revelation that they don't even know they are searching for.

I don't have much to say.... i am kind of blanking this week on what to say. OH, funny experience I had walking home Saturday night. Priesthood session ended and Elder Urquidi and I were walking back together. It was like 11 pm and night. and I was wearing my suit shoes which don't have any traction on them cause they aren't made for walking. Anyway, we were walking on this dirt path and it was literally pitch dark, and the pathway changed and sloped all of the sudden and I completely fell. I just sat there for a little and Elder Urquidi took a picture of me on the ground. Hope you enjoy that pic 

So that was basically the week. I am super excited to finish this transfer of

f strong. So you know, this is the last week of the transfer so I will be writing on Tuesday next week. I want to stay in Ibarreta cause I like it but we will see what happens. You all sound great. I wish you all luck and especially Mackenzie on her surgery tomorrow. Love you all... and I hope you go back and listen to the talks again!

Elder Corbin Keicher

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