Wednesday, April 12, 2017

¨Ten Veces Mas Fuerte¨

Hey Fam! 

Well... things just got different. I'll just start off with what happened with transfers. Elder Taylor and I both had 2 transfers in Ibarreta II so anything could have happened. But Saturday during our afternoon studies President Franco called me... and extended a calling to me to be a Zone Leader!! I was completely shocked. He told me that I would be serving as a Zone Leader in one of the 13 zones in the mission. SO boom... I started packing my bags. But Sunday night the "Tablero" or Transfer document came out and I replaced Elder Higuera as the Zone Leader in the Ibarreta Zone! Elder  Higuera as you may or may not know is traveling home as I speak cause he finished his mission. And my new companion is Elder Flavio Urquidi from São Paulo, Brasil. And President Franco combined Ibarreta into one area. Elder Taylor got transferred to Las Palmas in the provence of Chaco. I didn't get transferred... I am still here in Ibarreta but am now  zone leader with Elder Urquidi. There are 4 areas in total in our zone. I will attach the ´´Tablero´´ to this email. But the Ibarreta zone is basically the northern half of Formosa. We will be making trips to ´´El Potrillo´´ weekly which is about 6 hours north of us. We will be making a trip up there this friday staying in a Hotel and working there Saturday and then returning. So it will be interesting. I also was made the district leader of one of the 2 districts in the zone. SOOO I will be serving a whole different mission this transfer haha

This Wednesday evening Elder Urquidi and I will be traveling for ´´consejo´´ or a cousel conference with all the ZL´s in the mission. They do ´´consejo´´ at the beginning of every transfer to meet with President, get money for trips, and to pick up anything for our zone (water filters, letters, packeges, etc.). We will then head back to Ibarreta Thursday evening. 

I was sad to see Elder Taylor go... he is a super good missionary and will be doing great things in his mission. I definitely learned a lot from him. 

As far as the work goes here in Ibarreta, we have a family that  Elder Taylor and I started teaching a couple weeks ago that are so awesome. They are so interested in the lessons and enjoy what we teach. The dad is named Celedoño and his spouse Fabiana. Then their three kids Damian(13), Mía(7), and their youngest girl of like 6 years old which I honestly always forget her name. But they are awesome. I am very excited to continue working with them this transfer. We also have some investigators in the other part of Ibarreta that the Zone Leaders work in. But I don't know them yet. The investigator Isabel is still doing good. She is the older lady that is like 68 years old. She got interviewed for her baptism 2 weeks ago but got pneumonia and wasn't able to get baptized. And just this past week we past by her and she told us ¨Elders, I have bad news..." then went on to say that the night previous her adult kids where telling her that she can't get baptized into the Mormon church because she is too old and can't think straight and that she ¨can't play with religion¨.  Which doesn't make any sense because she is a super intelligent old lady. She is so ready but just doesn't have the support of her kids. We told her to pray and to continue going to church to be able to get the confidence and the reassurance to get baptized. 

Funny story.. we were in a trio yesterday because Elder Freeman from Las Lomitas was waiting all day for his companion to travel all the way to Ibarreta. We were in a lesson with a guy and we were teaching Lesson 1: The restoration. I was talking about how we can receive answers to our prayers and know what God wants to say to us. I look at this guy and told him, ¨Realmente va a sentir El Espíritu ten veces mas fuerte en la iglesia¨ hahahaha I totally threw the english TEN instead of diez.

And the funny part is I didn't even notice until after the lesson when Elder Urquidi and Elder Freeman told me I said that. I felt so dumb. I don't know if the guy even caught it. There was a loud weed-whacker going off right next to his house and we were halfway yelling out lesson one. It wasn't the most effective lesson. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week. 

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