Wednesday, April 19, 2017


What a week.

Probably the fastest week of my mission. I will start from the beginning. So Tuesday night after our Pday we went and visited the Cano Family. They are my favorite family I have met here in ARG. We have been teaching them for almost a month now. We watch the #PrinceOfPeace Easter video with them and taught about what we celebrate on Easter. It was awesome. The mom (Fabiana) started crying during the video. She is awesome. She has a coworker in the hospital who is a recent convert and she told us that they have been listening to General Conference talks together. Then she downloaded general conference onto her phone. It was a great lesson over all we had with them. They have 3 kids (Damion13, Iara 10, Mía 7). Then Wednesday we got onto a bus to Resistencia. But when we were buying the bus ticket, the guy at the ticket office told us that there were only enough seats until San Martin in Chaco which is like 2 hours from Resi. So we got onto the bus anyway at like 2pm. At 6 we arrived in San Martin and the Choffer came up (because it is a double-decker bus) and told us we had to get off..... so that was disappointing. And the next bus that left for Resi left at 8. So Elder Urquidi and I went to the center of San Martin and ate ´´Facturas´´ or just a type of pastry croissant. But they were really good. The place we ate them at was really good too... called Pan-Crem. Then we got to Resi and stayed the night in Barrancares in Resi with another companionship of ZL´s. Then Wednesday we had Leadership conference which was fun. Wasn't anything too different than Multi-Zone conferences. And I got to see my trainer Elder Butler. Then on our trip back to Ibarreta we got stuck in the capital of Formosa because of weird bus schedules. So we spent a night with some ZL´s there. We ended up having to take a bus from Formosa at 5am back to Ibarreta Friday morning. 

That night on Friday we left in the District President´s car for El Potrillo. What they usually do is stay in a hotel in a town called Juarez then travel the rest of the way to El Portillo in the morning. But as we were arriving in Juarez, there was a ´´Corte de ruta´´ which means people were blocking the highway. This happens quite often here because of protests from the aborigine/Indian people who do it to protest against the government. But there was a lot of contention between the indians and the city of Juarez. They had blocked the road with huge trees and had lit them on fire. It was a BONFIRE and was quite childish of the indians to block the whole highway. We got to the blocked part of the highway at 8:30pm and the police said that they were going to start letting people through at 11:30. So we just sat there for a little bit. Then we started hearing that the city of juarez was pretty dangerous and someone had died from the conflict of the Indians and people of juarez... so we made the decision to just go back to Ibarreta and got to El Portillo when the City of Juarez is passable and not pretty much at war with the Indians. Sooo we didn't make it to Portillo this week. We will see in the next couple weeks what happens. 

Easter Sunday was good. Nothing to special happened. But one thing I really loved was during 2nd hour we watched all the videos on on the ´´principles of peace´´. They are different videos in spanish than the english ones but they were SUPER good. I invite you guys to go what the videos that are in english if you haven't yet. They teach these principles through the experiences of other people. I enjoy them a lot. I was reflecting a lot of the meaning of Easter a lot. For me I have never really thought much about Easter... just a time to paint eggs and eat chocolate. Many people just use the holiday as an excuse to drink and party. But when you really think about the significance of it all it should illuminate your understanding. Alma 7:10-12 talks a lot about the significance of Easter and same with the 2 min video the church came out with here 
I really hope you all had a great Easter and hope you all have a great week. I am glad you are all doing so well and are making the wise decisions that will bless you and your families in the years to come. There is a HopeWorks video of a cool black dude that I think you all should check out here 

Anyway love you all!! Chau

Elder Corbin Keicher

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