Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dominos Pizza & More Marriages 7/24/2017

How's everyone doing this week? 
With a 1-week old goat

 Well I had a great week. It started out very well last Tuesday with a call from the mission office notifying me that the birth certificate of Celedonio Cano arrived!! I was so happy!!! On Thursday Elder White brought it back from resistencia to Ibarreta along with a package. I think my favorite part of the package was the maple extract that mom sent... now I can make maple syrup and Mable oat meal!!! But this past weekend was filled with really awesome things. First things first was the temple trip the district of Ibarreta took to Asuncion Paraguay. They left Friday at 2pm and got back Saturday at 10pm. But before they left, we gave the branch president Falcon 408 pesos to buy us Dominos Pizza that is 2 blocks from the Paraguay temple! And at 10pm Pres Falcon knocked on our door and we opened it to see 2 dominos pizzas!! It was so good! But remember back in the day when dominos pizza wasnt very good? Yeah that is the type of dominos they have down here. The garlicy and very tasty dominos that is in the states  hasnt made its way down here yet!! But it was still so good in comparison to the pizza here. 

But before we ate the pizza, Elder Freeman and I went to The familia cano to have a lesson with them and to give them the birth certificate. The past month has been very difficult for them because the grandma has a tumor in her chest and they have constantly been making trips to and from the Formosa hospital and have been lacking in their church attendance and reading and praying. But we had a great lesson with them, watched a video clip and gave them the certificate. So now things are all set for their wedding and baptism. They will be going to the civil registers office this week to schedule a date to get married. So we will have more details soon. Then Sunday came and I walked into the church at 9am and the cano family wasnt there. I was pretty disappointed. As usual I had to direct the music from the front of the chapel, and during the last verse of the sacrament hymn, The whole cano family walked in!! I was so happy to see them there. Made my sunday! Then we had church in the colony were we had a normal 16 people there but it was a great meeting. One of the first members in Ibarreta, Sister Juana, came to the colony and gave a great talk. I talked on sacrifices. I had been thinking alot about sacrifices lately and the colony really needs to understand the concept of sacrifice. And in reality this part of Argentina needs to learn a lot about sacrifice and really turning outward in the service of others. 
The entire familia Cano after our lesson Saturday night

Then to end our day Sunday we went to a totally inactive sister who was a faithful member for like 4 years, then with the death of one of her kids, blamed the church and the members here for everything! So, knowing this, we watched 2 two minute video clips that talk about christ and how he lives today and then ended with the 10 minute video called ¨the hope of God´s light¨ which was amazing. After the videos we just stayed silent and she went off for 10 minutes about how the members mistreated her and didnt comfort her in her time of need and stopped wearing her garments and how she doesnt need any of that to find happiness and to overcome her problems. she got done with her rant and then we talked very carefully about a couple simple but very powerful facts. but basically to be brief, we talked about how we came to talk about Christ and that we didnt want to talk at all about the church. It turned out to be super spiritual once we got to teach and talk about Christ. We talked about the priority list that we must have in our lives which is 

1. God & Jesus Christ
2. Family
3.The Church

That helped her understand that, in reality, there is a difference between the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and our relationship with God and our Savior Jesus Christ. It was a very simple and powerful lesson and we left there very satisfied with what happened. 

But that was my week. I am excited to keep working here. There are 3 more weeks in this transfer so we will see what happens. It is very likely that I will leave ibarreta so we will see what happens. There are 22 new people coming so it is possible I will train or that I go be a ZL somewhere else. So We will see what happens. I hope you all have a great week!! Go Rockies. 

Corbin Keicher

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